Clothes Hangers That Won’t Leave You Hanging

Closet organization can feel like a constant struggle — after all, keeping things neat and tidy is an uphill battle in an area that requires daily shuffling. And while there are plenty of organization systems and tools out there, the most basic thing can actually make a big difference: your hangers. Cheap, mismatched wire hangers can make your clothes hard to find, get misshapen and look sloppy. Plus, hanging up things like skirts on the wrong hangers can take up valuable space. 

Good hangers, on the other hand, keep clothes looking neat and presentable. In recent years, slim, velvet hangers have become increasingly popular because they take up so little space and do a great job of holding up even delicate clothes like strappy tops. The no-slip grip also keeps folded clothes, like pants, from sliding and bunching. Depending on your needs, however, you may want to also consider buying a few heavy-duty hangers for coats and even pant and skirt hangers that store clothes without folding them. (By the way: If you are overhauling your hangers, your local dry cleaner may take metal ones. Plastic hangers, sadly, are rarely recyclable, though.) 

Convinced your closet needs this easy upgrade? Here are our top five recommended picks.

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1. Utopia Home Premium Velvet Hangers, Pack of 50

For an adaptable, everyday hanger, it’s hard to go wrong with velvet hangers. The narrow, sturdy frame helps you maximize space and the gripping velvet cover holds even delicate tops in place. Utopia Home’s set of hangers is value-driven without sacrificing quality and can hold up to 10 pounds. The light color is also good for helping your closet feel more spacious — darker colors will make it feel more crowded. 

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2. ZOBER Wide Shoulder Wooden Hangers, Set of 6

While velvet hangers can generally support suits and coats, the wear and tear of pulling off heavy outerwear can make them wear out quicker. Plus, the narrow body can cause creases in hanging pants and shoulders. These extra-wide wooden hangers are fitted with shoulder flairs to help your nice coats and jackets hold their shape. The cross-bar is also great for hanging suit pants: a rubber grip is fitted onto the bar to reduce slipping, and the round shape is less likely to crease. Plus, they’ll look sharp in a coat closet. 

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3. HOUSE DAY Clear Plastic Skirt Hangers with Clips, Pack of 12

Folding pants and skirts over hangers has a few disadvantages: it can take up double the space, especially with full skirts, and, depending on the material, can lead to unsightly creasing. Hangers with heavy-duty clips are your best solution. The strong metal clips grip the waistband, while rubber pads keep it from leaving indentations or snagging. The metal crossbar provides support, while the clear plastic helps it keep your closet looking uncluttered. 

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4. AmazonBasics Kids Velvet Non-Slip Clothes Hangers, Pack of 30

Kids’ clothing can present another challenge: Their pint-sized outfits can slip and slide no matter the material. Once again, velvet is a useful material: the narrow design is great for smaller pieces, and it will help hold up even the most delicate baby clothes while still being durable enough to last them through grade school. The notched shoulders also help keep clothes from slipping.

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5. HOUSE DAY Black Magic Hangers

If you have limited closet space, even the best hangers won’t really declutter it. Drawers and shelves can help, but some things just need to be hung. This clever design allows you to hang up to five items up then collapse it vertically. Even if you don’t have limited closet space, this is also a great solution for keeping out-of-season tops or other more rarely-worn items at hand while not taking up too much space. 

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