5 Slipcovers to Rescue Furniture That’s Seen Better Days

Slipcovers usually bring to mind poorly-fitting, heavy coverings for furniture — not to mention the plastic or floral patterns that your grandma may have used. But modern slipcovers are a whole different home decor ballgame — tight-fitting and nearly indistinguishable from a regular couch upholstery, but easily removed to clean and, in most cases, made from stretchy material that means they fit on a variety of couches with ease. 

There are a number of reasons to buy a slipcover: for starters, they do a great job of protecting couches. If you have small kids, tossing on a slip cover can protect your furniture until everyone is old enough to not spill juice. They can also help with pets and safeguard against scratching and digging.  Alternatively, a chic slipcover can also be a great way to breathe new life into an otherwise shabby or outdated couch or armchair. If your fabric is getting worn out and patchy, a slipcover can help extend its life. And if you simply want to cover up an old color or pattern that no longer works in your space, a slipcover can give it a quick makeover. 

While slipcovers can be removed once those spills and accidents happen, they are fairly permanent solutions: you won’t want to be taking them on and off on a daily basis. If you want more short-term protection, you may be better serviced with a sofa protector that can be more easily taken on and off the couch. Whatever your need, however, It’s possible to protect your furniture for years to com. Here are five versatile choices to do just that. 

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1. MAYTEX Stretch Sofa Furniture Slipcover

Soft and stretchy, this slip cover can go on couches of (almost) all sizes. Available in seven neutral shades, the elastic corners keep it from slipping once in place. And, unlike many other versions, it comes with a separate slipcover for the seat cushion, making it look closer to a regular couch. While the seat cushion cover works best with a single, long cushion, it can even accommodate two or three pillows. The stretchy material will conform to the individual cushion shapes and allow the couch to retain its overall silhouette. 

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2. Easy-Going Stretch Sofa Slipcover

This one-piece slip cover is easy to install on standard sofas with virtually any set up, regardless of number of back and seat cushions. Simply pull it over the couch and let the elastic bottoms secure it in place. Or, for a tighter fit, you can simply pull more fabric under the couch. Included foam strips can then be tucked into the sides between the arms and cushions to give it a more fitted look. 

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3. Great Bay Home Velvet Stretch Sofa Slipcover

If you are put off by the microfiber fabric of most stretch slipcovers, this velvet option provides a luxe alternative. It works much the same as the microfiber ones: the cover stretches over the couch and seams provide guidance and help you get a snug fit. You can tuck it into cushions and the arms for a more fitted look, or leave it more stretched for a more seamless, modern silhouette. It comes in ten colors but we think velvet especially looks good in rich, dark colors like burgundy and navy.

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4. Easy-Going Recliner Stretch Slipcover

As comfortable as recliners are, they can easily become worn down and require a little more protection. This slipcover can give even the most worn-out armchair a new lease on life without sacrificing its most important function: the ability to recline. A slit on the side of the cover allows standard reclining levers to remain accessible. (Note: If the lever is in the seat cushion, this won’t work.) Foam strips allow you to make the seat cushion look more fitted, and a side pocket provides a spot for storing magazines, remotes and more.

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5. Sofa Shield

 If you want a more easy-to-remove couch protector, consider the Sofa Shield. The heavy-duty cover goes over the sofa’s front, back and arms to protect the sofa from scratches, spills and more. Straps secure it into place so not even over-eager pups can pull it off. While it’s comfortable enough to still sit on, you can also easily remove it when you have visitors. Just note that it’s not waterproof.

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