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8 Home Decor Trends You’ll See Absolutely Everywhere in 2020

It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning to redecorate your home in the next year, or whether you’ve just finished a huge renovation—2020’s home trends will still be a ton of fun to peruse. Because the point of a trend report isn’t entirely practical. It’s not like a single list can tell you which aesthetic choices you should and shouldn’t make in the coming year (as if our decisions could be so easily dictated by others). Really, whether you glean any practical value from a trend forecast at all is beside the point.

The actual point? To get a glimpse at all the pretty stuff you’ll see in the new year—and ideally, to have fun doing it. And for what it’s worth, 2020 promises to be extremely, extremely pretty.

If 2020’s home trends forecast tells us anything, it’s that 2020 is shaping up to be a thoughtful, vibrant, and interesting year. But if it tells us anything else, it’s that some of our most dominant sociocultural discussions are trickling into the way we’re thinking about home. Consumers are seeking out sustainable materials. Parents are crafting gender-neutral play spaces. Remote employees are rendering their living rooms more work-from-home-friendly.

Year after year, our aesthetic choices reflect the conversations we’re having as a culture. But this truth is writ larger and bolder in 2020 than it has been in a while.

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1. Gender-Neutral Play Spaces

“From flexible pronouns to unisex nurseries, a more accepting view of gender identity is on the rise,” Pinterest writes in its Pinterest 100: Top 2020 Trends report. According to Pinterest, consumers are seeking out more gender-neutral clothing, wedding wear, haircuts, and of course, home decor.

Pinterest has seen a 75% increase in searches and saves for “gender-neutral kids playroom ideas” and a whopping 527% increase in searches and saves for “gender-neutral, unisex nurseries.” It’s worth noting that this second trend isn’t expressly political; the jump in “unisex nursery” searches could reflect an increase in parents waiting to learn the sex of their future child.

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2. Mindful, Flexible Interiors

As more and more people embrace the work-from-home life, interiors are shifting to accommodate work and fun. “Having flexible spaces you can transform from traditional spaces for rest or entertainment, to office/workspaces is important,” Gena Kirk, vice president of KB Corporate Studio, tells SheKnows.

Similarly, searches and saves for “Feng shui decor” are up 137% on Pinterest, as people try to “de-stress and re-energize” the spaces they’re both living and working in.

3. Vibrant Colors and Prints

A little saturated fun is on the menu in 2020, according to Etsy’s trend expert Dayna Isom Johnson. Whereas consumers embraced near-neutral burnt orange in 2019, they’re seeking out more vibrant chartreuses and lime greens in 2020. Etsy has seen a 12% increase in searches for “green items” and a 55% increase in searches for “neon green items,” as customers prepare to pump up the visual volume in their homes.

Color-blocking also promises to dominate the 2020 home decor sphere. According to Etsy, searches for the decor technique are up 7%. “This vibrant, retro-inspired style, reminiscent of the mod ’50s and ’60s, is a matured version of last year’s popular cut-out shapes,” Isom Johnson explains. “This look is all about pairing unconventional colorways and adding instant personality to any room, whether incorporating color-blocked pillows, wall art, or even tabletop decor.”

4. Playful Accents

In 2020, our prints and our palettes aren’t the only things that promise to be incredibly fun and whimsical—the ways we’re outfitting full spaces in our homes share a similarly vibrant spirit. According to Pinterest, searches and saves for “coffee stations” are up 751%, as people adorn their kitchen counters with coffeeshop-worthy displays. Pinterest has also seen a 368% increase in searches and saves for “home theater design” and a 2,795% increase in searches and saves for “outdoor kitchen bars.”

There’s also been a huge trend toward weird and wonderful animal-friendly spaces, with Pinterest searches and saves for “outdoor cat playgrounds” jumping by 512%, “dog patio apartment ideas” jumping by 131%, and “goat playground ideas” jumping by 150%.

5. Bringing Nature Indoors

But people aren’t merely trying to make their homes more fun—they’re also trying to bring a little of the relaxing, lush outdoors home with them.

Not only has Pinterest seen a 108% increase in searches and saves for “bring outdoors inside,” but they’ve also seen jumps in more specific search terms, like “indoor water fountains” (917% increase) and “garden rooms” (104%). It’s clear people aren’t just thinking about infusing their homes with a little more nature—they’re seeking out specific ways to do it.

6. Sustainable Materials

In addition to bringing a little more of the outdoors indoors, 2020 consumers are making sure their commitment to nature runs through every design choice they’re making. Sustainable pieces, like “thrifted home decor” (up 308%) and “ocean trash art” (up 39%) are dominating Pinterest searches and saves. And consumers are seeking out ways to swap some of their go-to products out with more eco-friendly options (“eco-friendly swaps” are up 172% on Pinterest).

“I am seeing more natural and sustainable materials throughout the home as a trend for 2020,” Kirk says. According to her, products like seagrass, bamboo, and cork are favorites among certain niches in the decor space. But in 2020, we’ll see those sustainable materials move further into the mainstream.

7. Smart Home

Consumers’ widespread interest in sustainability doesn’t just stop at raw materials—it extends into technology, as well.

“Energy efficient homes have become a topic of conversation in the last few years, and [interest] is expected to increase in 2020,” Kirk says. According to Kirk, people are seeking out everything from energy-efficient lighting and thermostats, to water-conserving faucets and shower heads. Smart cooking devices, laundry machines, and doorbells are also on the menu.

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8. International Elements

According to Pinterest, consumers are finding all kinds of ways to travel the world from the comfort of their own homes—through cooking, experiences, and of course, decor. Pinterest has seen a 309% increase in interest for “Spanish-style bathrooms,” particularly in their iconic archways and decorative tiles. “Japanese soaking tubs” are equally trendy, with interest up 563%.

“French antiques” continue to endure as a classic addition to any home, with interest in patinated mirrors and farm linens up 384%. And interest in “Indian living rooms”—think: massive sculptures, vibrant colors, brass accents—is up a whopping 2,080%.

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