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Here Are the Most Popular Ikea Products in Every State

As much as we try to resist Ikea, the Swedish furniture and home furnishings giant seems to have us perma-hooked by the cheek, and with every new collection released, we get reeled back in. From the low, low prices and the (relatively) easy assembly to the trendy prints, the store has everything. So, it comes as no surprise that virtually everyone has something from Ikea in their home or dorm room. But what popular Ikea products are you bound to find in homes across the U.S.? found out and released its findings this week.’s “Most Searched Ikea Products in the U.S.” report is much like Ikea: It covers every possible nook and cranny. The report not only includes the most-searched Ikea products and items in every state, but also the most searched Ikea products and items in each region. And the most-searched Ikea product in the U.S.? Of course its Ikea’s most iconic item: the Billy bookcase.

Image: Ikea.

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Launched 40 years ago in 1979, the Billy bookcase is simple, it’s sleek, it’s neutral, it’s functional, and — above all else — it’s cheap as hell. Come on, you can’t beat a $59 piece of nearly 7-foot-tall furniture (even if it’ll barely survive one move).

The Billy bookshelf is the most popular product in 22 states, including Alabama, Georgia, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, and more. “It’s impressive how this product is able to capture the needs of so many different homeowners, from Texas to Maine, looking for a simple way to add shelving to any room in their home,” the report states.

The Stockholm rug came in at No. 2, popular among four states, including Kansas, Minnesota, South Dakota, and Vermont. We’re not surprised: It’s, again, neutral boasting black-and-white stripes, and adds a tiny touch of whimsy to any space.

Image: Ikea.

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“We noticed these results were common in areas with colder climates, such as Minnesota, South Dakota, and Vermont,” the report states.

Tied for the third most popular products are the Helmer drawer unit ($39.99), the Lack side table ($9.99), and the Markus office chair ($199).

Now, when it comes to the most popular Ikea item by state, the results look different. Ikea desks were the most popular Ikea item nationwide, popular among nine states such as California, Iowa, Nebraska, West Virginia, and more. “In fact, IKEA desks were the most popular in the state with the highest student population, which is Iowa,” says, adding that, overall, the most popular Ikea items in every state tended to be bedroom (Ikea beds and drawers) or office-focused furniture, like the aforementioned desk. In fact, the west coast really loves their Ikea beds, while the midwest largely opts for the Ikea carts. Those in the south love Ikea drawers and desks, and the northeast searches for Ikea floor lamps and chairs most often.

The whole report is a fun scroll, so head over to to take a look.

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