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The Top 2019 Halloween Costumes, According to Pinterest

ICYMI, we’ve officially entered that time of year when everything moves at warp speed. Labor Day still feels like it happened last week and, yet, you’re going to blink and tomorrow will be Halloween. Which is precisely why you need to nail down what you’re wearing for the spooky holiday, like, yesterday. Fortunately for all of us who are far too tired to spend hours browsing the internet to find the perfect ensemble, Pinterest has already pulled together its list of most popular Halloween costumes in 2019 based on searches over the last year.

It probably comes as little surprise that TV- and movie-inspired costumes are heavily trending across the globe. But it isn’t just characters from current productions people have their eyes on. With reboots being huge in entertainment right now, so are characters from these classics — think the Powerpuff Girls (trending in 11 states!), the Addams Family, Scarface and all things Beetlejuice are shaping up to be hot picks. Along with entertainment-related inspo, though, a few classic costumes round out the top trending get-ups. In other words, yes, you can expect to see your fair share of pirates, mermaids and clowns (prob both creepy and sexy on all accounts).

So, sit back, check out Pinterest’s top 2019 Halloween costumes and get your creative juices flowing.

1. The Powerpuff Girls

Searches for costumes inspired by this girl-power trio are up a whopping 379 percent. And that may be because the second half of the show’s rebooted third season is slated for release this year.

2. Pirate

Argh! Yep, that’s right; this costume isn’t going anywhere this year. Like virtually every other year since Pirates of the Caribbean first found its way to theaters, you’re bound to see sexy pirates, scary pirates and everything in between.

3. Circus performers

If you ask us, The Greatest Showman will never get old… so we’re cool with the fact that circus performers are a top costume pick this year, too.

4. Stranger Things characters

C’mon, you saw this coming, right? People are still talking about the third season, and it dropped all the way back in July. So, it’s no wonder that Stranger Things-inspired costume searches are up 653 percent! Especially since the new season offered a ton of fun new looks courtesy of the Starcourt Mall.

5. Alien

From Star Wars to the forthcoming Avatar sequels, aliens are getting a lot of mileage in Hollywood. And that translates to an uptick in alien costume interest. This year, the look will apparently be driven by the face (searches for “alien makeup” are up 146 percent).

6. Mermaid

We can undoubtedly thank Disney’s upcoming live-action Little Mermaid adaptation for a large part of this costume’s popularity in 2019. Bonus? There are tons of DIY tutorials on Pinterest, making this one of the easiest costumes to find inspo for.

7. Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy

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Suicide Squad and its upcoming sequel have effectively ensured that Harley Quinn will be a top costume for years to come. Then there are also several Harley Quinn spin-offs in production, too — one of which fans suspect will introduce Poison Ivy to DC’s movie universe. An Easter egg spotted in the new Birds of Prey poster has fans convinced the red-haired Batman nemesis will soon make her debut. Until then, it looks like you’ll at least be spotting plenty of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy together on Halloween night.

8. ’80s Inspired

Between reboots of classic ’80s movies and Stranger Things‘ ’80s-themed third season, this decade is definitely in. Again.

9. Alice in Wonderland

Like pirates and aliens, Alice in Wonderland is a costume that never seems to go out of style. Probably because it’s whimsical, cute, easy to DIY and universally recognizable. Not to mention, there are a million ways you could accessorize it based on the books and movies.

10. Gwen Stacy, aka “Spider-Girl”

Although Gwen Stacy has been a part of the Spider-Man story for, like, ever, it’s her super-cool Spider-Girl alter ego from Into the Spiderverse that everyone wants to emulate this year.

11. Freddie Mercury

The late, iconic lead singer of Queen is seeing a major Halloween costume resurgence. Why? The wildly popular 2018 film Bohemian Rhapsody, of course. What makes this costume particularly fun is that there are so many looks for the movie to choose from.

12. Lilo & Stitch

Honestly, we don’t even care why this Disney costume combo is up a mind-boggling 1,205 percent in Pinterest searches this year. All we know is we love the movie, we love Lilo and Stitch and Ohana means family. Not necessarily in that order.

13. Toy Story characters

With Toy Story 4 having been released earlier this year, Toy Story costumes will continue to be a mainstay. But this year, it seems as though a new Toy Story star has emerged — searches for Bo Peep costumes are up 748 percent.

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