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We’re Desperate to Stay in This Lisa Frank-Inspired Hotel Room

If you covered your binder with layer upon layer of Lisa Frank stickers as a kid and grew up to be a more-is-more, maximalist decor and rainbows-everywhere kind of adult, then have we got news for you. has teamed up with the Barsala hotel in Los Angeles to give their penthouse suite a complete Lisa Frank makeover, and the results are nothing short of spectacular.

First things first: logistics. Reservations for this “Trapper Keeper Sleeper” open up on Friday, October 11, and you’ll be able to book a stay between October 11-27. Reservations are likely to fill up quickly, so make sure you’re ready to make your move. It’s the perfect pre-Halloween gift to yourself. That’s a thing, right?

Now onto the fun stuff! Guests of the hotel will walk into a room filled with colorful rainbows galore. There’s a “technicolor rainbow window display” (which as far as we can tell just means big rainbow curtains), a canopy bed that lights up and is fitted with a Lisa Frank duvet and pillows, and there’s a mural behind the bed of a multi-colored sky with a huge rainbow streaking across. There’s even a neon-light unicorn on the road.

The bathroom is decorated to look like “an underwater dolphin fantasy world,” and there’s even a FREE minibar that’s filled with classic ’90s kid snacks. Raiding the minibar for snacks was always against the rules as a kid, but this is your chance to go hog wild. Here’s hoping for Lunchables, Gushers, and Dunk-a-roos!

Guests also get to take home a ton of free Lisa Frank gifts, including robes, slippers and sleep masks.

Staying at the Lisa Frank suite is basically like what we dreamed hotels would be like when we were kids. Who cares about white duvet covers and discreet modern decor when we could have rainbow hearts and neon unicorns galore?

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