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Here’s How You Can Stay Overnight At the Real Downton Abbey

If you’ve ever seen the show Downton Abbey, you know that the home featured, known as Highclere Castle in real life, is just about as luxurious as they come. And though you can’t actually stay at “Downton Abbey” (it’s fictional, sorry to say), in honor of the Downton Abbey movie the real owners of Highclere Castle, the Earl and Countess of Carnarvon, have put the palatial 300-room estate on Airbnb.

Two lucky guests will be able to stay in the castle on November 26, for just £150 ($187.60).

They’re not just accepting any guests, though. Those who want a chance to stay at Highclere Castle, which is located in Hampshire in the UK, will need to fill out an application. It must include a record of good Airbnb reviews, and potential guests also need to include a message that shows that they are passionate fans of Downton Abbey. Creativity matters in the submission, too — only the most creative applicants will be chosen.

The winners will enjoy all of the luxuries of castle-dwelling nobility. There will be a cocktail hour with the earl and countess, a traditional dinner with wait service from the butler who really works at the castle, coffee in the library, and more. Then guests will be able to sleep in a resplendent bedroom with en-suite bathroom and views of the castle grounds.

The next day, there will be breakfast, followed by a private tour of the estate and a gift from the Lord and Lady Carnarvon.

If you’re looking to binge-watch Downton Abbey that night after dinner, you’ll have to bring your DVDs and laptop — there is no TV in the room and no WiFi available on the property.

Applications will start being accepted on October 1st, so you still have time to get yours ready. If you’re willing to put in the effort, fly across the sea, and still shell out nearly $200 for the privilege of staying at Highclere Castle, then you just might have a good chance of demonstrating that you are in fact a die-hard fan of Downton.

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