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Everything You Need to Know About Target’s New Loyalty Program

If you spend as much time wandering through the aisles of your local Target as we do (you know, intending to purchase a bulk package of toilet paper but winding up with a new bra, a baby shower gift, and a new spool of weed-whacker trimmer line in your cart too?!), then you’re probably going to freak — in a good way — when you hear about Target’s new loyalty program, Target Circle. Literally earning money while you shop? Um, yes please.

Target Circle, which was being tested earlier this year in a few different U.S. cities, is finally getting a nationwide rollout on October 6. What’s that you say? Just in time for our yearly Halloween decoration shopping sprees and holiday-season present-purchasing?! How very convenient.

The new program has tons of perks, though our favorite has to be 1% cash back on all purchases, to be redeemed on future shopping trips. Few things feel sweeter than being able to justify throwing that extra hair mask into your cart. Ooh, or a new lamp. Or some string cheese!

You don’t have to pay a membership fee to join Target Circle, and you don’t need to have a Target Red Card either. And, if you’re worried about losing your Target Cartwheel coupons, never fear: They’re going to be rolled right into Target Circle.

Shoppers who sign up for the program can also look forward to birthday rewards, special deal days, and personalized coupons based on what your usual purchases are. Plus you’ll get to choose which local charities Target should donate to. And, again, it’s totally free to sign up, meaning that even if you only shop at Target a couple of times a year (literally who are you), it still makes sense to join. Don’t sleep on these deals.

Two million people already have signed up for Target Circle, and we honestly can’t wait to join them. If we can actually get paid back for spending like 90 percent of our paycheck at Target, then we’re definitely in.

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