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Disney’s New Fairy Tale-Themed Cruise Ship Looks Like a Literal Dream Come True

“A dream is a wish your heart makes” isn’t just a line sung by Cinderella anymore. Disney Cruise Lines just unveiled a sneak peak of their fairytale-themed cruise ship Disney Wish, and it truly looks like something out of a dream made into reality.

This will be Disney’s fifth cruise ship, and they’ve really upped the ante when it comes to giving their guests a luxury experience. The atrium is decorated with swirling gold rails and accents, with a sparkling chandelier suspended from above, a glass ceiling open to the starry skies, and a grand staircase that would make any kid feel like royalty.

The 1,250 passenger ship is slightly larger than Disney’s other new ships Dream and Fantasy, and will start sailing in January 2022 (yay, that means we have time to save money for vacation!). The Disneyphiles among us will already know that each Disney cruise ship features one of their iconic characters on the stern of the boat – on the Disney Wish, Rapunzel will grace that position, chosen for her “Spirited, smart, curious and above all, adventurous” personality and her desire to explore and see the world.

Even better, Disney Wish will sail guests to a new tropical destination. Currently cruisers are taken to Castaway Cay, a private island in The Bahamas owned by Disney. Now, they’re branching out. They’re creating a beachside experience on the island of Eleuthera, on the sandy shores of Lighthouse Point.

Lighthouse Point will highlight the history of the island and Bahamian culture, and construction will coincide with conservation efforts by Disney to ensure that the natural environment is protected even with is being transformed into a vacation destination. Construction is expected to begin after an Environmental Impact Assessment is completed, and it should be ready for guests in 2022 or 2023.

Disney Wish is definitely living up to its name already. BRB, planning a family cruise vacation for 2022!

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