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You Can Live Next To Kate Middleton & Prince William for a Surprisingly Low Amount

Have you ever wanted to live like royalty? Wait, what am I saying — OF COURSE you have. Everyone has! While Meghan Markle’s $1.8 million Los Angeles home might not be an option, now we ~sort of~ have a chance to make that fantasy a reality. That’s because the small cottage next to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s country estate Anmer Hall is now for rent, at an honestly fairly affordable 700 pounds a month ($850).

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Image: Sandringham Estate. Sandringham Estate

The charming two-bedroom cottage is on the same property as Anmer Hall, and it’s known by the name “20 Cherry Tree.” This is so close to 17 Cherry Tree Lane, the address of the Banks family in Mary Poppins, that it makes the royally-adjacent cottage seem even more magical. Are we getting too carried away? Is it possible to get too carried away when it comes to affordable royalty-adjacent real estate? That’s a rhetorical question, obvi.

There are a few catches. For one, Prince William and Kate actually now live in Kensington Palace year-round, and Anmer Hall in Norfolk is their countryside vacation getaway, so you won’t be brushing elbows with them on the regs. There are also “steep stairs” in the house, an objectively cruel NO CATS policy (my own cat could barely believe her eyes when she read this), and dogs must be approved on a case-by-case basis.

You also have to actually live, work, or be willing to move to the area to live full time. Basically, they don’t just want a random rich person to buy the cottage to use as a vacation home, they want to rent it out to someone who actually wants to live in the area and be a member of the community.

Does that sound like you? Could you see yourself living in the 63-person village of Anmer? If so, get ready for some competition, because I’m pretty sure *I* am the ultimate future resident of the cottage. Just don’t tell my cat what I’m planning.

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