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These Fatphobic Plates From Macy’s Are Officially Cancelled

If you’ve ever been foodshamed by a relative over the holidays (“are you SURE you need an extra helping of mashed potatoes, sweetie?”) and wished that you could inscribe your nosy relatives’ passive aggressive comments on the plates you use to eat your meals every single day…then A. you should probably start seeing a therapist and B. Macy’s has you covered. Or at least they did. The chain came under very justifiable scrutiny this week for selling plates, cups, and more from a company called Pourtions that uses shaming phrases to outline large portion sizes.

The first items to cause outrage were a set of plates. The larger plate has three circles on it, the small circle labeled “skinny jeans” and the largest inscribed with “mom jeans,” while the smaller plate has a small circle that says “foodie” and a large circle that says “food coma.”

This isn’t even the worst of the collection, which is made by a company called Pourtions which has been sold in Macy’s stores as part of the STORY section, which features items made by smaller businesses.

There’s an appetizer plate that juxtaposes “feed me” with “feed bag” because I guess filling up on apps makes you some sort of ravenous farm animal? A wine glass measures your pour with “on the lips” and “on the hips,” and the worst one of all is a pasta bowl that says “manicotti” and “man overboard,” which I think we can agree makes no damn sense at all. Please, for the love of God, if you’re going to make a nasty product that basically encourages disordered eating, hire some comedy writers to come up with your insults.

Thankfully, Macy’s took note of the attention surrounding the initial tweet by Alie Ward that called out the products, and they’ve since decided to remove all of them from Macy’s stores. But it really makes you wonder — whose brilliant idea was it to stock this stuff in the first place?

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