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Exclusive: Will Jonathan & Drew Scott Start Their Own TV Network Soon?

We first met them way back in 2011 when their TV show, Property Brothers first aired on HGTV. Now, Jonathan and Drew Scott, are continuing to build their empire by debuting their fifth show, Property Brothers: Forever Home, on HGTV, placing them at the top for most original productions for the network. Prior to the launch of their new show, the dynamic duo gave us an exclusive interview where they show no signs of slowing down.

In the interview, the brothers talk about whether they’d consider launching their own TV network like Fixer Upper stars Chip and Joanna Gaines, hanging with Michelle Obama on her book tour, plans for their newly purchased LA home, and some of their most outrageous client requests.  Oh, did we mention they revealed which fellow HGTV stars they’d let decorate their homes?

SheKnows: Congratulations on your new show, Property Brothers: Forever Home. How does this differ from your other shows on HGTV? 

Jonathan Scott: Forever Home is different from our other shows in a few ways. First, the families already own and live in the home they want to renovate, so there’s no real estate purchase component. This frees up Drew to be more involved in the design/construction aspects than usual — I get to put him to work!

Drew Scott: We also get to dig deeper into why the families want to turn their current place into their dream home, so we can really customize it for their needs and preferences. It’s all about cherishing their memories in that home and breathing fresh life into the house so they can start creating new memories.

SK: You all have five shows on HGTV! Would you consider launching your own network like Chip and Joanna Gaines? 

DS: I feel one reason Jonathan and I have seen some of the success that we have is because we always leave ourselves open to opportunities that come our way. Annually, through our production company Scott Brothers Entertainment, we produce the most hours of original content for HGTV out of all production companies they work with. We are always discussing new ideas with them as to how we can better reach our audience. That’s one of the reasons we launched Forever Home.

SK: Congratulations are also in order for your new LA house! Are you going to film the process of renovating it? 

DS: Aside from the 45 renovations we do each year for our shows, we are always looking for great investment opportunities. When this house went up on the market, we were intrigued by its potential like we are with all the houses we invest in, on and off camera. We don’t any have plans to shoot in LA though at this time as we currently have 20 projects on the go in Toronto.

SK: Drew, do you think marriage has influenced your design at all? Jonathan, do you agree or disagree? 

DS: Marriage has absolutely influenced my designs. When you’re married, you’re always thinking about someone else and have to be considerate of how they use their space, so I’ve become more aware of incorporating small, thoughtful details.

JS: Totally agree. Linda helps Drew think outside the box when it comes to mixing textures and patterns. She is as crafty as she is sweet!

SK: Speaking of your marriage, Drew, you recently celebrated your one-year wedding anniversary. Did you have anything special planned?

DS: Time flies when you’re with someone you love this much! We actually spent our anniversary with Michelle Obama who was on her book tour in Toronto. Jonathan and I opened for her, talking about who we are Becoming (the title of her book). Mrs. Obama is such an amazing and inspiring person. Linda and I couldn’t have enjoyed this day more.

SK: Jonathan, is there a lucky lady in your life? 

JS: I had a feeling this question was coming! The short answer is no. The long answer is that I am so busy, it’s hard to find time to meet people. Between shooting our shows and prepping for the launch of our mobile app, our new kids’ book and our Scott Living collection at Kohl’s this fall, I am always either working or on the go. Right now, I am single but I’m very hopeful for the future!

SK: Excluding each other, if you had to pick a fellow HGTV star or couple to decorate your home, whom would you choose? 

JS: Hands down, it would be Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent. We love their design aesthetic as much as we love their personalities.

DS: Or what about pairing up with the likes of Bobby Flay? He’s handy AND would keep me well fed!

SK: What is your favorite state or market to flip homes in? 

DS: Every three to four months we are in a new city filming – from San Francisco and New York to New Orleans and Calgary. But, I’d have to say one of our favorite cities to invest in is Nashville. It’s a booming market and the people are amazing. It’s a great city!

JS: Also, I’d say Vegas, as it’s growing rapidly and it’s our home. We have a lot of friends, family and memories there.

SK: What’s the craziest request you’ve been asked by a client?

JS: Do we have to pick just one? We’ve had requests for literally everything — helicopter pads on the roof, an Olympic-size swimming pool indoor, to secret hidden panic rooms inside the walls like what you’d see in movies. We want to make our clients feel the most at home possible but we always try to keep resale value in mind in case they ever have to sell. Some customized projects really don’t add the value you would think and we are the voice of reason to protect homeowners.

SK: Have you been approached by any celebrities to work on their homes? If so, can you reveal whom? If not, whose house would you like to work on? 

DS: Funny story: A couple years ago when we were at a taping of Saturday Night Live, Leslie Jones pulled out her renovation plans for us to look at — she wanted our professional advice. We ended up producing a show that followed her reno process last year! You’d be surprised how many people we meet that just happened to be carrying their house plans with them at all times!

JS: We also might have a few surprises up our sleeves regarding other celebrities, but that’s all we can say for now.

SK: What’s something you want to dip your toes in that you haven’t yet done? 

JS: Speaking of SNL, it’s long been our dream to host. Coming from a comedy background like we do, this would make for an amazing 2019!

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