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Moms Are Going to Be so Jealous When They See the Bedroom Kylie Built for Stormi in Her Office

Being the child of a rich person seems like a pretty good deal up until it’s time to go through puberty (when the hormones start going wild and it becomes obvious that your capitalist parents are RUINING your LIFE). For instance, Kylie Jenner’s daughter Stormi seems to be totally living the good life, something we’re even more convinced of now that we’ve seen the special room Jenner designed for her at her new office complex.

Jenner, a self-proclaimed “self-made” millionaire, has a lot of meetings she has to sit through for her skincare and makeup lines. Luckily, daughter Stormi doesn’t have to worry about mom being far away when she’s at work — that’s because Stormi actually has her own pink bedroom filled with toys at the office. If only being a working mom could be this luxurious for the rest of us.

While Jenner is working down the hall, Stormi can play in her room with her childcare provider, and for more casual meetings and on days when Stormi is nice and calm she actually gets to sit at the conference table with her mom.

In the video Jenner shared (starting about 7 minutes in), you see her and Stormi walking down a long hallway, then turning into the cozy room, which is painted a light shade of pink. Pink fur throw pillows dot the floor, and there’s plenty for Stormi to play with, including a kitchen set and an art table with little pink chairs.

Not bragging, but I actually also have a bedroom in my office. But that’s more because I work from home in a one bedroom apartment and less because my mom is basically a billionaire.

Now the Kardashian/Jenner clan has obviously had their problems, but making workplaces more open to children and motherhood is…actually kind of revolutionary? If all offices and workplaces were so kid-friendly, it could really open doors for new parents and could also help new mothers, who statistically bear the brunt of the childcare, stay in their chosen career fields after giving birth, return to work sooner, and maybe even help close the wage gap.

Of course it helps that Jenner was born into a family with millions of dollars at their disposal (yeah, her claims of being self-made are cute but let’s face the facts) and has lived an incredibly privileged life, so she had an easier road to company ownership than most, putting her in a position to make her office’s policies work with her lifestyle. But it doesn’t hurt to dream of a day when people from less privileged backgrounds can work in a child-friendly environment, too!

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