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Your Uber Ride Just Got a Whole Lot Fancier, Thanks to Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart clearly has a love-hate relationship with Uber. Remember back in November 2018 when she recounted on Instagram her terrible first Uber ride? Not only was it late, but “the car was a mess inside and out!!!!!!!!” (Her superfluous use of exclamation points; not ours.) Apparently, her feelings have changed because now she has teamed up with Uber as the spokesperson for newly relaunched Uber Black.

Uber Black is a fancier version of Uber that promises an elevated ride experience. For starters, the cars are no more than five years old, and the drivers have a minimum rating of 4.85. The relaunch of Uber Black, however, takes it one step further allowing riders to choose their level of interaction and conversation with the driver, opting for one of three options under “Quiet Mode“: “quiet preferred,” “happy to chat” or “no preference.”

Uber Black rides also allow the rider to inform the driver if they have luggage so the driver can pull over to a safe spot to help load. Two other convenient features include temperature control and the driver waiting 15 minutes after arriving, although you’ll still get charged after 5 minutes.

Stewart’s favorite feature? All of it, apparently.

Stewart revealed in an interview with People that she takes an Uber when she can’t use her own Suburban car to run errands.

“My kind of work means I’m constantly lugging stuff, so having a luggage feature, especially one where the driver will actually help pack the back, is very, very good. Having a quiet car option is also very good, because I’m often on conference calls, or I’m trying to dictate something or trying to write something and I don’t want noise or loud music playing. Also, the idea of having silence is so refreshing!,” she says.

In a surprise to no one, she also admits she’s a “demanding client.”

“The temperature control is great too, because usually, if I have my druthers, I always sit in the front seat so I can control the heat and the air conditioning. Drivers are always horrified that I want to sit in the front seat, but that’s the way I can control stuff,” Stewart says.

Clearly, the Martha Stewart’s Grilling author is getting paid well as Uber Black’s spokesperson because she posted this, and we honestly love the commitment.

Make that money, Martha.

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