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This Cruise Package Lets You Vacation Like Martha Stewart, If That’s What You’re Into

She’s practically perfect in every way (except for that little felony thing a few years back), so who wouldn’t want to take a page out of Martha Stewart’s book when it comes to their vacations? Other than people who hate cruises and think “It’s a good thing” that The Martha Stewart Show is no longer airing, that is. Well, now it’s all possible, thanks to the lifestyle guru’s partnership with MSC Cruises. All aboard a Caribbean cruise ship that’s loaded with opportunities to dine, celebrate, and travel just like Martha.

Her influence will be apparent in three areas of the MSC Seaside and MSC Armonia ships.

There are exclusive Martha-selected and inspired shore excursions at ports throughout the Caribbean, which include activities like beachside horseback rides, hikes to secret island coves, lessons from fisherman, garden tours, and of course visits to craft markets. “The excursions showcase some of my favorite activities,” Stewart said in a press release, “and help MSC Cruises’ guests discover some of the authentic and hidden treasures of destinations throughout the Caribbean.” Each excursion costs between $115-$199 per person.

Next up? Food, of course! Stewart has created special holiday menus for Easter, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s Eve that will be available in the main restaurant on each ship as well as the luxurious MSC Yacht Club. Guests will be able to feast on Stewart’s meal, then take home the recipe so they can try to recreate it for themselves.

Last but not least, there are the Martha Stewart surprise packages. Ideal for the Stewart superfan, you can celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, honeymoons, or whatever you like with one of three options: a personalized letter from Stewart, a Stewart dessert, and a recipe card ($10); the next package includes all of that and a bottle of wine ($30); and the “Sensational Celebration” package includes all of that as well as a free digital photo by the on-board photographer, a frame for the photo, and a beach tote ($89).

If this sounds at all appealing to you (there’s probably a strong crossover between Martha Stewart-lovers and luxury cruise lovers, but that specific group seems in general like it’s a small one), you can book the trip of a lifetime on June 1st. Sadly at this time, it seems like her television co-host Snoop Dogg isn’t involved in anyway, but wouldn’t it be fun if you went on one of Stewart’s cooking class excursions only to find Snoop in the kitchen ready to teach?

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