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Great Gift Ideas for Pot-Smoking Moms


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What do you give the mom who has everything? You know, the kind that always has her head in the clouds…clouds that are green…and smell kinda skunky. OK, your mom smokes pot. So why not get her a gift that she actually wants for Mother’s Day (or even a nice 4/20 gift!)? These cute, practical, and downright luxurious Mary Jane-themed gifts will put a smile on her face (and maybe even trigger yet another bout of giggles). Best kid award is totally going to you this year.

Sisters Cann-Cann Matches

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Image: Betoken.

Who knew such cute matches existed?! Make sure to grab a set for yourself as well!

Matches (set of 3) $11.95

Kush Queen Lighter

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Image: Kush Queen.

Help mom light up in style with these cute Kush Queen lighters.

Kush Queen Lighter $4

The Phat Sack

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Image: Beis.

Beis’ new limited-edition bag is made up of 55% hemp and its lightweight, breathable design makes it perfect for pot-smoking mamas with lots of stuff to tote around. The Phat Sack is part of Beis’ new High Line collection. You can check out all of the bags here.

The Phat Sack $138


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Image: VKDYE.

If she’s rolling her own joints then she’s going to need a quality grinder. We love this one because it’s affordable, colorful and has tons of rave reviews on Amazon.

Grinder $16.99

Dope soap

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Image: FleegalFarms/Etsy. Etsy

If you can’t take your mom to the spa, treat her to the at-home luxury of hemp-infused vegan soap that’s scented with lavender and patchouli and made with filtered rainwater.

Dope Soap $9

Marijuana leaf necklace

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Image: thecharmspot/Etsy. Etsy

We love a customizable gift, and with this necklace, you can choose the length of the chain and decide between gold, silver, and rose gold.

Leaf Necklace $35+

Marijuana botanical print

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Image: visualnature/Etsy. Etsy

At first glance, you wouldn’t even guess that this classy botanical print displays mom’s favorite green. Upon closer look, you can see the gorgeous detail in every leaf, bud, and seed.

Botanical Print $6.95+

Mary Jane scented candle

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Image: The Stinky Candle Co. The Stinky Candle Co

Fill mom’s house with the smell of dank bud when you gift her a marijuana-scented candle.

Mary Jane Candle $12.99

Cannabolish cannabis odor-removing candle

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Image: Amazon. Amazon

What to do if your mom doesn’t love the smell of that sticky icky? Try giving her this candle, which actually removed the smoky odor from the air.

Odor Removing Candle $14.99

Marijuana Edibles cookbook

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Image: Amazon. Amazon

Instead of a box of chocolates, give mom this edibles cookbook so she can bake up some treats starring her favorite ingredient of all.

Edibles Cookbook $14.95

The Stoner’s Coloring Book: Coloring for High-Minded Adults

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Image: Amazon. Amazon

Adult coloring books can be super boring…unless you’re high, that is! Pair with some fine-line pens or colored pencils and your mom will have something to occupy her hands while her mind goes on a journey.

Coloring Book $14.49

Fancy windproof ball ashtray

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Image: Amazon. Amazon

Only you can prevent forest fires — by giving your mom a windproof ball ashtray so that she doesn’t accidentally set the yard on fire when she’s smoking on the deck.

Fancy Ashtray $16.95

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