Here Are the Craziest (& Cutest) Easter Egg Designs We’ve Ever Seen

It seemed as though it would never happen, but the snow is finally melting, the daffodils are starting to bloom, and you’ve stocked up on all the eggs you could possibly need for Easter. But now you’re left wondering how to decorate your Easter eggs this year. You don’t want any old basic, store-bought dye kits; you want your eggs to stand out. These cute, creative, and sometimes even plain weird designs will have you so excited to start decorating, you’ll need to head to the store to get even more eggs to act as a canvas. This year’s Easter egg hunt is about to get lit.

1. Cute cacti

If we didn’t know any better, we’d swear these Easter eggs were really cacti!

2. Pagan spring

These eggs go way back for inspiration, celebrating the Pagan roots of Easter with special symbols and sigils.

3. Regal eggs

Royal blue in color, these eggs sport gold and silver scroll work, shimmery ribbons, and are dotted with elegant beads that also kind of look like glamorous eyeballs in a cool way.

4. Painted beauties

These red eggs painted with bright, delicate flowers are so pretty, we can’t imagine ever cracking them.

5. DIY Emoji Easter eggs

Image: Studio DIY.

We like our eggs with a little attitude, and these emoji art pieces definitely fit the bill.

6. Pool party eggs

Image: Handmade Charlotte.

These cute little swimming-capped eggs will put a smile on the face of any Easter egg hunter.

7. Woodland creature Easter eggs

Image: Zwo Ste.

It’ll be hard to put these Easter eggs in the fridge – they’re so adorable, you’ll want to play with them!

8. Unicorn Easter eggs

Image: Public Lives Secret Recipes.

Glam unicorns are always welcome at our Easter table, even when they’re actually just whimsically decorated eggs.

9. Galaxy Easter eggs

Image: Dream a Little Bigger.

You’ll use plastic Easter eggs to create these mini galaxy masterpieces, so you can use them year after year.

10. Gold leaf Easter eggs

Image: SheKnows.

Have you ever seen anything so luxe? These eggs are covered in real gold leaf, giving them extra shine and sparkle.

11. Mood ring Easter eggs

Image: Dream a Little Bigger.

A coat of mood paint is all you need to whip up a batch of color-changing eggs.

12. Botanical Easter eggs

Image: The House That Lars Built.

These beautiful botanical Easter eggs look like they belong on the walls of a museum, but they’re surprisingly easy to recreate.

13. Eggy rocket

We just…we can’t even…

14. Kissy egg

Raise some eyebrows at your family’s Easter gathering with some provocative collaged eggs.

15. DIY pineapple Easter eggs

Image: Studio DIY.

Pineapple goes on the Easter ham, and it also makes for perfect inspiration when you’re decorating your next batch of eggs.

easter egg designs
Image: Handmade Charlotte. Design: Ashley Britton/SheKnows.