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16 Funny (but Safe) April Fools’ Day Jokes to Play on Your Kids

While there’s no denying kids love any holiday that involves receiving presents, there’s another (gift-free) holiday that kids arguably look forward just as much: April Fool’s Day. After all, it’s an entire day devoted to pranking people — usually your family members. What kid wouldn’t want to partake of such mischievous festivities?

Here’ the thing, though: As fun as April Fool’s Day is when you’re a kid, it’s even better when you have kids. It’s really the one time of the year it’s socially acceptable to poke fun with your kids, make them confused and, yep, sometimes even startle them. It might take them a minute to find the humor at the moment, but by then you’ll be doubled over in laughter.

The following pranks are all kid-friendly,  so embrace your inner “bad egg,” Mama!

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Little Debbie’s Betrayal

If you want to pull a prank on your kids but you kinda want them to think you’re the coolest too, swap out their typical breakfast. With what? Why, Little Debbie oatmeal pies, of course!

Buggin’ Out

Before your kiddos take their evening bath, bust out this special soap. With a bit of help from your printer, you’ll have them convinced they’ll be lathering up with roach suds.

Apple of Your Eye

Gotta kid who’s been begging for an iPhone? Give them what they want this April Fool’s. Or at least make them think you are, mwuhahaha.

Say Cheese

Few things start the day off right like a tall glass of fresh orange juice in the morning. Only, your family is in for a real surprise when they realize this orange-hued beverage is actually spiked with Kraft Mac ‘n Cheese.

What Lies Beneath

Mm, who doesn’t love those delectable little chocolate eggs sold around the Easter holiday? We’ll tell you who — the kids who think that’s what they’re getting and get grapes instead. Although, come on, grapes are pretty tasty, too.

Here’s Lookin’ at You, Kid

Ask your kid to get the milk for their cereal out of the fridge on Easter morning. They’ll be in for quite a surprise when all eyes are on them.

Peep This

Maybe skip this if you’ve got a little one who’s an empath. But if your kids won’t be too upset about a marshmallow massacre, set Godzilla loose on a city of Peeps. A sugary snack and a toy they can play with? Score.

One Super Sweet Garden

Give your kids a gift they think will keep on giving when you bestow them with a bag of these “seeds.” Mama Cheaps has a free printable at the ready so you can sit back and get a kick out of watching your kids wait for donuts to sprout.

Coolest Breakfast Ever

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so your kiddos won’t think it’s weird that you have a big bowl of cereal waiting for them on Easter morn. What they will think is weird is the fact their cereal is frozen solid!

Take Note

Granted, your kids may not be driving yet (or have a pet pig). But you can apply the general principle of this Post-It note prank to anything: their beds, their door, their spot at the breakfast table. Have fun with it, but just keep in mind you’ll probably be the one who cleans it up.

I Spy

If you’re the type who actually plans ahead, look online for a spy kit or decoder set that will allow you to deliver a coded message to your kiddos. We love this one that’s available on Amazon. The message they’re rewarded with after all their hard work? “Suckers!” Classic.

DIY Kinder Egg Dupe

Kids these days are all about the Kinder egg crave, so your littles will undoubtedly be stoked you made them a DIY version. Until that is, they crack it open only to have a raw egg burst in their hands! Make sure they wash up well after this joke and have some real Kinder Eggs handy to reward them for putting up with your jokes.

Morning Ju… ello?

Good morning, kids! Thirsty? No prob — here’s a refreshing morning glass of grape juice. Oh, did we say juice? We definitely meant Jell-O.

Brain Food

You can’t really blame your children for being excited when you tell them you’re going to make them a pan of Easter brownies. Just like you can’t blame them for pouting when they realize you were being literal in the worst sense of the word. It sure will be funny, though.

That’s a Wrap!

Easter feels like a gift anyway, so why not lean into that idea? Break out the wrapping paper languishing in your closet and wrap up, well, everything. Their seat at the table, their breakfast plate, their backpack — the sky (and the end of your wrapping paper roll) is the limit.

A version of this story was originally published March 2019. 

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