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Amazon Is Changing the Way Packages Will Be Delivered to Prime Members

We’ve all done it — placed an order on Amazon Prime, just to remember an item you forgot to include, so you placed a second order. Next thing you know, you have two, maybe three, separate orders coming in on different days, and you’re left with several Amazon boxes and even more guilt. But that’s all changing, thanks to the newly launched Amazon Day.

Starting today, Amazon Prime customers can choose to receive all their orders on a specific day of the week — one that works best for them — via Amazon Day. By doing so, Amazon can combine all your orders into one package, thereby reducing the amount of shipping materials used and the number of deliveries made to your house.

According to Maria Renz, vice president of Delivery Experience at Amazon, Amazon has already tested the program with a group of Prime members and has already reduced packaging by tens of thousands of boxes, “a number that will only continue to grow now that the program is available to Prime members nationwide,” she says in a press release.

One such Amazon Prime member who tried it and loved it is Sindy L. from New York City.

“As a working mom of a two-year-old living in Manhattan, I order from Amazon multiple times a week for my family’s needs. With Amazon Day, all my orders now arrive on Mondays and in fewer boxes — that’s less for me to break down for recycling and less trips for the delivery driver,” she says.

Another Prime subscriber made a great point about the benefits of Amazon Day; she purposely chooses a day she knows she’ll be home, therefore decreasing the risk of the package going missing or getting stolen.

“Whenever I think of something I need, I just buy it with Amazon Day and know it’s going to arrive on the day I work from home,” says Susan T. from Wilmington in the press release.

What’s nice about this program is it’s flexible; once you’ve chosen a day, you have the ability to change it to a different day that might work better for your schedule.

Hey, if this will help reduce shipping resources, count us in.

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