Amazon Completes World Domination With Its Very Own Makeup Line

Whether you’re in a pinch for a last-minute gift or simply want to browse, we can almost guarantee Amazon will be one of your first stops. There’s also Amazon Books, Amazon Fresh for groceries and a healthy-size beauty section with more products than we can handle. If you have Amazon Prime and take advantage of all these features, every day is your birthday. Now, in news that our wallets definitely do not need to hear, the online retailer is launching its very own makeup brand, thus holding our entire bank account hostage.

Yes, you read that right, Amazon is now selling its own makeup under its exclusive label, Find. Unsurprisingly, every product in the collection, which includes everything from eye shadow palettes to lip chubbies and mascaras, falls under $20. And in appropriate Amazon fashion, there’s a specific method for grabbing these online-only cosmetics. Unlike most retailers, where you can purchase a variety of cosmetics individually, Amazon’s new Find beauty options are mostly available in bundle form so you know what products are meant to be used together.

Notice a theme here? Amazon likes to do all the work for us, and we are eternally grateful. There’s just one downside for stateside shoppers. Right now, these products are only available in the U.K. Until this collection lands on our side of the globe, we’re giving it a semipermanent spot at the top of our wish list. For now, here’s a look at some of our favorite finds from Find.

find. Ultra Nude Lip Bundle
Image: Amazon.

Find Ultra Nude lip bundle

This nude lip chubby duo comes with one matte and one glossy lip color so you can mix, match or layer your pout however you wish.

Image: Amazon.

Find Flash Blue bundle

If you love color, opt for this blue eye duo that will color your lashes and your lids in a creamy cobalt-blue hue.

find. Bon Voyage Eyeshadow Quad Palette no.3
Image: Amazon.

Find Bon Voyage Eyeshadow Quad Palette No.3

These pigment-rich shadows are the perfect base for any eye look, and it’s small enough to pop into your purse for on-the-go touch-ups.


Originally posted on StyleCaster.