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11 Travel Mugs That Will Keep Your Coffee Hot for Hours

For me, morning coffee is nonnegotiable. The dose of caffeine helps jump-start my day, and the ritual of making and sipping hot, slightly bitter coffee is equally important to starting things off on the right foot. But as much as I love sitting and savoring said coffee, I don’t always have the time to do so. Enter my trusty travel mug.

When I have a super-early morning (or an accidentally late wake-up), I know better than to skip coffee altogether. Instead, I take it to go. I own a two different travel mugs — a Zojirushi stainless mug and a Yeti Rambler, both listed below along with several other great options — which means there’s always one clean and ready to go. If you’re in the market for a to-go mug or two, the options below are tried-and-true products that are guaranteed to keep your coffee hot for hours.

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Image: Zojirushi.

Zojirushi stainless mug

When it comes to keeping your coffee piping hot, Zojirushi’s line of stainless-steel thermoses have long been considered the gold standard. They come in a wide variety of colors, plus a few different shapes and sizes. My favorite is this 16-ounce rose-gold mug, which fits into a purse comfortably.

Zojirushi stainless-steel 16-ounce mug, $26.88 at Amazon

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Image: Yeti.

Yeti Rambler mug

If you’re looking for a travel mug with a handle, this 14-ounce Yeti Rambler is your best bet. It’s made for the extreme outdoors, so it’s more than capable of handling a commute or a few hours on your desk. One thing to note: Lids are sold separately for $9.99 each, so make sure to buy one if you’re hoping to actually travel with this thing.

Rambler 14-ounce mug, $24.99 at Yeti
Rambler Magslider lid, $9.99 at Yeti

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Image: OtterBox.

OtterBox Elevation 20 tumbler

The same company that makes indestructible iPhone cases also happens to make a killer travel mug. This one holds 20 ounces of liquid, and you can rest easy knowing that its contents will stay hot to the last drop.

Elevation 20 tumbler, $29.99 at OtterBox

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Image: Thermos.

Thermos 16-ounce stainless-steel vacuum-insulated lidded tumbler

The OG Thermos brand tumbler is still an excellent choice. These days, it comes in a variety of colors, so pick your favorite!

Thermos 16-ounce stainless-steel vacuum-insulated lidded tumbler, $21.99 at Target

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Image: Corkcicle.

Corkcicle Aurora tumbler

Corkcicle might be best known for products that keep your wine cold, but they also have plenty of offerings that will keep your coffee hot. My favorite is this colorful tumbler, which comes in both 16-ounce and 24-ounce sizes.

Aurora 24-ounce tumbler, $34.95 at Corkcicle

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Image: Kinto.

Kinto travel tumbler

If you want a small, sleek travel mug, this Kinto tumbler is it. It holds 350 milliliters (just under 12 ounces) — perfect for a single cup of coffee.

Kinto travel tumbler, $34 at Commonplace

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Image: Cole.

Cole vacuum-insulated stainless-steel travel mug

This 16-ounce mug is mostly neutral with a fun pop of color. The lid is leakproof, and the whole thing is super-easy to wash.

Cole vacuum-insulated stainless-steel travel mug, $17.99 at Ello

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Image: Leo.

BergHOFF Leo porcelain travel mug in green

If you don’t like drinking out of stainless steel, porcelain mugs are a great alternative. This one holds just under 12 ounces of coffee, fits under a coffee machine and comes with a silicone sleeve and lid.

BergHOFF Leo porcelain travel mug in green, $14.99 at The Home Depot

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Image: S’well.

S’well stainless-steel travel mug

S’well bottles are for more than just the gym. The 16-ounce version works as a travel coffee mug, and the insulation will keep liquids hot or cold.

S’well stainless-steel travel mug, $30 at Amazon

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Image: Hydro Flask.

Hydro Flask coffee mug

Perfect for long mornings at your desk, this mug comes with an insulated lid and a lifetime warranty.

Coffee mug, $29.95 at Hydro Flask

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Image: Contigo.

Contigo Autoseal West Loop travel mug

If you don’t trust yourself with a stand-alone lid, this 20-ounce Autoseal travel mug is the best way to make sure hot coffee ends up in your mouth, not on your lap.

Contigo Autoseal West Loop travel mug, $24.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond

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Image: Yeti, Amazon, Aleaimage/Getty Images. Design: Ashley Britton/SheKnows. Yeti, Amazon, Aleaimage/Getty Images. Design: Ashley Britton/SheKnows.

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