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7 Simple Ways to Make Your Bed Look Like It Belongs in a Magazine

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably planning to spend the next few winter months hibernating in your bedroom. And that means we want our beds to be as well-kept and designed as the rest of our homes, right? It’s easy to think of the bed as a place to drop your pajamas and lay out wardrobe staples while you brainstorm your outfit for the day, but if you’re not straightening things up and making your bed before you leave for the day, you’re missing out! There are a few simple things you can use to make the centerpiece of your bedroom work with, not against, your design (while also ensuring it’s basically the most comfortable place on Earth). Try these tips, and you’ll feel like you’re living in a magazine spread, not a college dorm.

1. Always make your bed

Before you go out and buy any fancy linens or throw pillows, the No. 1 thing you can do to start making your bedroom a little more luxe is making your bed. Yes, it will just get messed up later when you go to bed, but the effect a well-made bed can have on your room overall will astound you.

2. Get a headboard

A headboard, traditional or unique, can help anchor your bed in your room, and it’s also an additional way to add some of your personal design flair to the room. Opt for a classic tufted board, make a DIY wooden headboard, or hang a tapestry at the head of your bed — whichever direction you go, it’ll help give your bed that magazine look.

3. Layer your blankets

Adding “texture” to your bed is as simple as layering your blankets. Put on your sheets, then add a soft blanket on top followed by your duvet or a fluffier comforter. Fold back the top so you can see both blankets. Then, add a cozy throw blanket, artfully draped over the foot of your bed.

4. Add pillows

Even if you only sleep with one pillow, you should have at least two standard pillows on each side of the bed to fluff up the look of it.

5. Add even more pillows

Don’t forget throw pillows! They’re a fun way to add unexpected pops of color and pattern to your room. Don’t forget tubelike bolster pillows, round pillows and oversize pillows — they’ll add a lot of visual interest to your bed design.

6. Match your pillowcases

Making sure all your pillowcases match can make a big difference in how your bed looks. Most queen sheet sets come with just two pillowcases — it’s worth buying an additional two or however many you need to make sure all your pillows look the same. Alternatively, stock up on some cheap white pillowcases at Ikea, and you won’t have to fuss over ordering extras of the sheet sets you buy.

7. Accessorize

Last but not least, accessorize! Leave a beautifully bound book artfully displayed on your bed, or get a wooden tray or bed desk that you can top with a book, candle and small vase of flowers. Yes, this step is extra-extra, but it will catapult your bed into the land of the home decor editorial.

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