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These Will Be the Biggest Home Decor Trends in 2019, According to Designers

If you’ve ever lost an entire Saturday afternoon to an HGTV binge, you know how addictive home decor can be. And while each of us has our own style — the whole point of decor is to be able to express yourself and set a mood with a space — decor trends have a pretty major influence on the way we style our spaces.

These past few years, the rustic vibe has been huge. (You can thank Joanna Gaines and her penchant for things like reclaimed wood, brushed copper and the refurbished look fixer-uppers tend to have.) The tides are changing, though, and we’re moving toward more polished looks, with both stark neutrals and generous pops of bold colors.

To help you stay ahead of the game with any home decor projects you have planned, we asked several experts to share the up-and-coming decor trends that will be huge in 2019. Like all styles and fashions, most are new iterations of things we’ve seen in the past or mashups of several tried-and-true styles. Read on for the 13 biggest home decor trends of 2019, according to designers.

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Image: Tiara M./Decorilla.

Mostly white decor with pops of bold, saturated color

“Last year was a lot of color-blocking and accent walls, but this year, it’s about having a white base with bits of color” Devin Shaffer, a designer with Decorilla, tells SheKnows. “I’d say the overall look will be 90 percent whites with 10 percent color. For example, someone might choose all-beige or -white furnishings with colorful pillows. People have been afraid of white for a long time, but now we have all these different shades, so there’s so much you can do with it.”

Art deco, updated

We’ve been in mid-century modern style for so long, but art deco is coming back. “In 2019, we’ll trade harsh lines for simpler, softer ones. This 2019 art deco is a refined, clean style with bold colors and big fabrics,” says Shaffer. “We’re not doing crushed velvet from the ’70s, though — everything feels really clean and simple.”

Liz Toombs, president and owner of PDR Interiors, agrees. “Deep colors like emerald or red will be everywhere instead of the light gray color palettes that have been popular. People are choosing velvet fabrics for upholstered furniture,” she tells SheKnows.

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Image: West Elm.

Shag rugs will show up

“Urban luxe will be a big design trend in 2019,” Leigh Spicher, national director of design studios at Ashton Woods, tells SheKnows. “This trend gives us clean, modern lines paired with mixed material use, such as shaggy rugs, and will give rooms a more glamorous feel. In terms of overall colors, we will see a lot of lighter floors but also more navy and darker accents as well as olive green. In terms of materials, especially in the kitchen, we will see more natural wood.”

Glam shag rug in platinum (5 feet by 8 feet), $209 at West Elm

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Image: Horchow. BO CALILUNG

Curved & rounded furniture makes rooms more inviting

Schaffer explains that furniture is starting to take a more organic form, a trend that’s showing up in curved sofas and other rounded pieces. “Spaces are being set up to be more social and communal and conducive to conversation,” he says. “Curved sofas and sectionals are desired more than blocky pieces.”

Alessandra Wood, director of style at Modsy, agrees. She tells SheKnows, “Hard lines are being traded in for softer curves, so look for homes with rounded walls instead of sharp corners. We’re already seeing curved furniture — such as sofas, armchairs, even beds — and I think this is a trend that will be everywhere in 2019.”

Belmount two-piece curved sectional, $3,899 at Horchow

Refined gold & platinum will replace brushed copper & bronze

“Last year, the rustic look was huge, and it was about brushing things copper or bronze,” Shaffer tells SheKnows. “Now, people are opting for shiny golds and platinums instead, which is a much cleaner look. Clean metal looks new and modern as opposed to the antiquated feel of brushed copper.”

But brushstrokes will show up in prints

“While it might be no surprise to see this trend in art, we’re going to see patterns that reflect the artist’s hand and brushstroke in rugs, pillows and other textile prints,” says Wood. She predicts people will start to seek out homes that already incorporate these strokes in their natural styles.

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Image: Lam K./Decorilla.

Things will get more gender-neutral

People are after a more gender-neutral look,” says Shaffer. “Nobody wants masculine or feminine rooms anymore.” Saturated colors like bold blues, reds and greens don’t feel gendered and look great against neutrals.

Reproductions will continue to replace antiques

“It used to be that people were mixing pieces from antique shops and estate sales. The price of antiques just kept rising, so now, people are opting for just-made reproductions of old styles instead,” says Shaffer. They’re often less expensive and will last longer.

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Image: Leon and George.

Luxe plants will add calm to spaces

Houseplants are nothing new, but bold, luxe plants are on the rise. In 2019, you’ll see big plants with pops of color, like this magenta triostar from Leon and George.

Magenta triostar plant, $109 at Leon and George

Ceiling finishes will be a major focus

“Lately, the overall look of a room is becoming less about the decor and more about the actual finishes, like ceiling treatments,” says Shaffer. “Things like wood detailing, wallpaper and even copper finishes on ceilings are getting more popular.”

Making the ceiling a focal point in any room is an investment since it often means bringing in contractors. But it can also simplify the decorating process because you’re adding one big flourish instead of several smaller ones.

Mementos & heirlooms will adorn walls & start conversations

“2019 will be all about incorporating mementos and heirlooms… that tell stories,” Alix Greenberg, founder and CEO of ArtSugar, tells SheKnows. “They make for great conversation starters and add a personal touch to your space.”

If your photos have been living only on Instagram for the past few years, it’s time to change that. Print your favorites and display them in chic, clean frames on your wall.

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Image: GabiGerArt/Etsy.

Large artworks & prints will hold court

“Larger art pieces will be big in 2019, as they make a room feel more grand in scale and make a statement in any room,” says Greenberg. “Try bold, colorful, contemporary artworks for an eye-catching decor look.”

Original abstract acrylic painting, starting at $230 at GabiGerArt/Etsy

Statement walls will show up in bathrooms

“We’re talking eccentric wallpapers full of color, shapes, textures or all three,” Morgana Frampton, designer at John Evans Design, tells SheKnows. “If it has the wow factor, then it needs a place in your powder room.”

She suggests pairing a bold accent wall with a large statement light, which works as an accessory and provides brightness to a small space. A gold-framed mirror can also bring out the accent wall and make the space feel bigger and brighter.

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