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People Are Gifting Delivery Drivers With the Cutest Snack Baskets This Season

It’s no secret the holidays are a busy time for delivery drivers, and judging by the sheer number of packages that get brought to my house alone, it’s safe to say these folks are working overtime to make sure everyone’s holiday gifts arrive safely on time.

This year, some people have decided to give back, leaving gifts of appreciation on their doorsteps for the delivery drivers who do so much this time of year. Some UPS drivers work up to 70 hours a week, and most Amazon driver shifts are 10 hours long. That’s not too surprising judging by the number of last-minute gifts we’ve ordered online, but those are some seriously long shifts, especially when it means you’re spending so much time away from your family during one of the most precious times of year.

Since a lot of these very swamped drivers don’t have time to stop for drinks, snacks or lunch, people have been placing baskets full of munchies and beverages on their doorsteps along with signs telling drivers to take their pick. And it is giving everyone a major case of the feels.

It’s no surprise the delivery drivers totally love being recognized, and with something practical that will help fuel their long days without burning out.

This holiday season, if you have any extra treats and sweets on hand (OK, and bottled water, because apparently, hydration is the key to everything from a great sex life to better skin), why not put out a basket for your delivery drivers? It’s sure to put a smile on their faces, and you might get some good holiday karma in return.

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