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5 Ways to budget bathroom decor


Bathrooms are a utilitarian space, but it shouldn’t be overlooked when you decorate. You start and end your day here, and it is often tied to your special haven, the bedroom. You don’t have to remodel or spend large amounts of cash to brighten up the bath! Check out these great ideas for bathroom splendor on a budget.

1. Paint toward perfection

There is nothing that says utilitarian spaces must be bland. If your bath is connected to a bedroom, choose a color from that scheme to paint the bath and tie it together. You can also use the changeover trick — paint the walls of the bath the ceiling color of the bedroom, and paint the ceiling the wall color of the bedroom.

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If your bathroom walls seem high, bring the color of the ceiling down onto the top of the walls by 12 inches or so, it will visually lower the ceiling. Also, try textural finishes like ragging and sponging.

2. Trick out your towels

No need to buy all new towels — use ribbon or scraps of fabric to sew or fuse a border on your present towels to add that designer look. You can even create a throw rug by bordering a towel with fabric strips on all four sides. (Use a rug gripper with this to prevent slipping accidents.)

If your towels are too thread-worn to save, simply buy cheap ones at the discount store and dress them up as advised above, and save big bucks!

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3. Frame the mirror

Those big tall mirrors in most bathrooms definitely do the job, but let’s face it, they lack charm. Drape a fabric swag over the top and sides of the mirror, or frame it out. You can either paint the wood or leave it as-is for a more rustic look.

4. Make your shower curtain shine

Buy an inexpensive vinyl shower curtain liner for water protection, and then sew or fuse your own stylish curtain.

Flat sheets are a great value here as there is no piecing together, and you can sew loops of ribbon at the top to tie on to the shower rod, or simply create pockets at the top to slide over like a curtain. Trim the edge in the same fabric that you trimmed the towels for a pulled-together look.

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5. Add some artsy accessories

Don’t forget to add a bit of personality to your room! Wall art is often overlooked in a bathroom because of the possibility of water damage. Eliminate that problem by buying less expensive frames at a discount store, then frame tear-outs from garden catalogs or old calendars.

Give your room a few baskets to hold and hide cosmetics, and add a plant if light is available. Candles and aromatherapy products (warners, incense) can also lend to a great ambiance when you are soaking away the stresses of the day.

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In a weekend, you can create your own spa that has warmth and charm. Remember, the key is creativity, not cash!

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