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Hot girl gadgets

In case you didn’t get the memo, nerds are hot. If you are a girl with your geek factor rising, chances are you are getting an increasing amount of attention of late. Looking to up it a notch? Check out our list of the hottest in girlie gadgets, sure to spice up your inner nerdom interaction.

A few weeks ago at the New York Comic Con, I saw a Mimoco flash drive and was enthralled. Designer toy studio meets consumer electronics, mimobots are stylish USB flash drives.

As I’m constantly on the run, I’ve taken to emailing myself important documents and JPGs in order to not lose them. Not anymore. These 2″ babies can hold all your important stuff, and look hot as it does so. (I have the Bettie Lou drive, with matching hot pink jacket, and I’m already jonsing for another.) This is my favorite gadget in years — functional and sexy — they come in 256 MB to 2 GB size and are compatible with both Windows and Macs.

And for you sexy nerds, there’s a Star Wars series a-brewin…

A Standing “O”Vation.

Once upon a time a loving mom who worked for Apple Computer received a special holiday present from her husband: an iPod and a vibrator. Eureka! After enjoying both, said loving mom, Suki, began to realize the quintessential perfect of the match that is sex and rock ‘n’ roll and created a new phenomena.

OhMiBod lets people actually feel their music. Its integrated audio circuitry converts the beat and rhythm of their favorite tunes into vibrations, creating a stimulating, non repetitive vibration while they listen. Although optimized for the iPod, OhMiBod works with virtually any electronic audio output source with a 3.5mm jack including MP3 and CD players, laptops and more. The volume controls the intensity of the vibrations, the higher the volume, the more intense the vibrations.

“Many of the vibrators that are on the market today are intimidating for an unseasoned user.” says Suki, “This is why when it came to designing OhMiBod the direction was to make it extremely approachable by keeping the design elegant and making it intuitive to use. I want OhMibod to be the first socially acceptable vibrator.”

Not already awesome? OhMiBod enthusiasts, whether they are vibrator novices or aficionados can instantly and anonymously join a fun and hip community called “Club Vibe”, which is centered on enhancing the OhMiBod experience. It provides a fun place for them to write about their experiences, trade tips and share their favorite play lists.

Bass Freq Earphones

Let’s face it: the right headphones are the most important accessory of all for your listening pleasure. And, personally, if possible I’d own everything in some variant of pink. V-Moda’s new Bass Freq Earphones are available in eight hot colors (including, yes, pink!) and are the only consumer in-ear earphones to offer natural noise cancellation and bass level isolating soft silicon (BLISS). That means you get deep bass without losing crisp highs. They also come with various sizes of silicon fittings, so you’ll always be comfortable.

I am not an iPod owner. I have a Meizu import from China for my mp3 playing, but these ear phones adapt with it perfectly, as well the iPods I’ve tried it with. Plus, I feel hot walking around with pink wires branching from my head. Really.

Cyber-shot W-series Cameras

Cameras that can hook up to HD-TV offer a wealth of possibilities. (And some of them are actually family-friendly!) The new DSC-W200 is super compact, but hosts 12-megapixels, face-detection technology (ie: no random blurs, like my average photos), and multi-point auto focus. And, like all my other favorite goodies, it comes in pretty shades of pink and blue.

These cameras also let you edit photos fairly easily, which helps when you need to enhance light or focus on a subject. Yes, that means more and better naughty school girl pix for all.


Just imagine how much hotter your resident sexy nerdy girl would be if she was seen at the local café with a baby blue-colored VoodooPC notebook PC which sported a phoenix tribal tattoo etched on the casing!

VoodooPC is the world’s leading architect of personalized one-of-a-kind, high-performance PCs. Their “Her” line of personal tribal tattoo design options include: butterflies, dolphins, fish, flowers, a phoenix and a unicorn, in 22 colors ranging from fire fuchsia to poison purple.

Ruckus Messenger Bag
Pacific Design

Between the requisite cell phone, computer, and mp3 player, you are lost without something cool to carry it in. I’m in love with the Pacific Design Ruckus Laptop Messenger bag in Rose Pink. Aside from the technical details (like that it’s delightfully lightweight but has a wide, secure strap that will help protect your contents, and padded secure pockets), it is also totally cool-looking. Its features include a water-resistant front zipper pocket, water bottle holder, and a solid formed base, so it won’t tip over. Even when you walk into it.

Sexy nerdy girls are also freaks for new cool toys. Keep on an eye on my Aly-tude blog: I’ll share my finds as I stumble on them. Nerd chick solidarity.

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