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5 Easy Ways to Get Into the Holiday Spirit

December can be a bit of a tease. It promises to be all cookies and cocoa, but the reality is more like work, school and more weekend errands than any other time of the year. If the month is half over and your cup of holiday cheer is empty, it’s time for an intervention. Instead of waiting for the holiday spirit to come to you, you are going to it.

Not sure where to begin? Put on your ugliest Christmas sweater, queue up the holiday music and get in the car. Visit the friend or family member who nerds out the most during the season, and once it’s dark out, go see the house with the most extra decorations (if it’s not said friend or family member, of course).

On the way home, stop by the grocery store because next up is baking. Besides being therapeutic and a fun way to involve kids, baking will fill your home with the life-giving scent that is butter and sugar becoming one.

After all that home time, you’ll want to hit up all the holiday parties you can handle. When the last one ends, it’ll be time to change into your fuzzy pajamas and cozy up on the couch with eggnog and all the baked goods you made. That’s when the holidays can really begin. Until then, watch this video for more inspiration.

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