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3 Easy DIY Disney Princess Costumes — Because You’re Officially Out of Time

Dressing up as a Disney princess for Halloween this year seems especially appropriate — because, let’s face it, we’re queens of procrastination. Yup, here we are at the 11th hour and still no costume, but these DIY Belle, Ariel and Elsa options are here to save the day.

Sure, there’s a little pushback about princess obsessions starting at a young age, which some psychologists even call “Princess Syndrome,” but we believe that when you pay attention to the storylines, Disney princesses are often the most feminist of them all. These leading ladies make perfect adult costume choices for Halloween.

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With some basic sewing skills and a few materials, you’ll be channeling your fave Disney princess in no time.

DIY Elsa dress Halloween costume

Easy DIY Elsa Dress Halloween Costume

Image: Merrick White/SheKnows.


  • Lace shirt (cream, blue or nude)
  • 2 yards stretchy light blue knit
  • 2 yards teal lace
  • Matching thread
  • Double needle (optional)
  • Sparkly earrings
  • White or flesh-colored shoes


Step 1

Fold your 2 yards of knit fabric in half, with the stretch of the fabric going across the fabric, as shown. Measure right above your bust (where the top of the tube dress will sit) and divide this number in half. Use this as the top measurement of your tube dress, as shown, then cut the rest of the dress as shown, making it as flared at the hem as you’d like.

Elsa's dress

Image: Merrick White/SheKnows.

Step 2

Fold your 2 yards of lace in half, as shown. Cut a cape-like shape, making the measurement of the top wide enough to fit across your back and end under your armpits.

Step 3

Take your dress and fold it in half with right sides of the fabric together and sew it from the top to the bottom with a straight stitch, as shown. Turn right side out and press your seam flat with an iron.

Elsa's dress last step

Image: Merrick White/SheKnows.

Step 4

Take the top of your dress and fold the top over, as shown above. Pin in place, and then pin the lace cap to the folded edge as well. Sew all the way around the opening with a straight double stitch (using your double needle). [Using the double needle will allow for some stretch so you can pull it over your bust and avoid having to use elastic. Alternatively you can use a zigzag stitch, although it doesn’t allow for quite as much stretch.]

Step 5

Cut the dress to your desired length, and cut a slit if you’d like.

To complete the look, wear the dress over a cream, blue or nude lace top, throw on a pair of sparkly earrings, like these ones, and do your hair in the classic Elsa braid using this hair tutorial. Throw on a pair of white or nude colored shoes and then let it go all Halloween night long!

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Originally published October 2014. Updated October 2017.

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