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Let Smirnoff Upgrade Your Middle Seat Flight This Year

Holiday travel is almost never enjoyable, but it’s even worse when you get assigned a middle seat and have to spend your flight between two people who are probably fighting colds and gently sobbing to themselves after a “fun-filled” family vacation.

While I would personally prefer airlines just abolish the middle seat altogether, Smirnoff wants to help make this year’s holiday travel a little more enjoyable. It’s a sort of random promo for the new Smirnoff spiked sparkling seltzer — ditch the middle seat, and ditch the added sugars in your alcoholic beverages. OK, whatever — as long as it makes travel more bearable.

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If you’re flying in a middle seat between Dec. 17 and Jan. 31, you can go to to plead your case for an upgrade. Are you psychologically depleted after a season of performing emotional labor for your loved ones with little to no compensation? Are you long-legged or curvy-hipped or pointy-elbowed and just want some more dang room?

All you have to do is explain exactly why you deserve to be upgraded to a window or aisle seat. You have until Dec. 14 to make your case, after which the folks at Smirnoff will choose winners, spending up to $50,000 total on seat upgrades.

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If you enter and don’t win, well… at least when you land you can pick up a pack of Smirnoff Seltzer in which to drown your travel sorrows!

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