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Make a grapevine wreath

Need something to do with your grapevine trimmings? Or maybe you have a neighbor who has some to spare? You can make a beautiful grapevine wreath — a great frugal gift or craft project. Here’s how to make a fall craft that is perfect for your autumn decor!

I heard it through the grapevine…

I looked out the back door a couple weeks ago, and realized there was barely a way to get through the arbor because the grapevine had grown so much. So I took my clippers and started clipping away until there was a nice big opening. When I was finished, I had a big pile of long grapevines, so I decided to make a few grapevine wreaths.

If you don’t grow your own grapevine, maybe you have a friend or neighbor who’d be happy to let you have the trimmings.

How to make a grapevine wreath

1. Making a grapevine wreath is very simple. First, take a fresh vine and form a circle in the diameter you want the wreath to be. Most likely, you will have excess vine; wind this excess vine around the vine circle you just formed.

2. When the vine is to the end, tuck that end firmly inside a space between two wound vines; on the first round, there might not be two wound vines to tuck the end into, so just hold the end of the vine until it is wrapped in with the second vine.

3. Now take another vine, insert the beginning end between two wound vines and begin the winding and ending process all over again. Keep doing this until you have a wreath in the thickness you desire.

Gifts and more

Keep in mind that the wreath will shrink as it dries, so you will want to make it a little thicker than your desired thickness. When you have finished assembling your wreath, you can lay it in the sun to dry for a couple weeks, or bring it in the house and hang it to dry.

These wreaths make fine gifts to give to friends and family as is or fixed up with dried flowers and herbs and ribbons. (To learn how to air-dry flowers, see the article How to air-dry flowers.)

These wreaths are great to hang on the front door or on your walls as decorations — and is a fun, satisfying and frugal craft!



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