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Make a dried flower wall quilt

Introduce a little summer into your home! If you love botanical prints, you will especially enjoy the beauty of this project. Heidi Ott of the Crafter’s Community shares her instructions for making this lovely dried flower wall quilt. It is an easy craft to make — nature did all the hard work for you — and an elegant gift idea.

Dried Flowers on White


20″ x 24″ piece of fabric
3 sheets of white cardstock
12 pressed flowers with leaves
White glue
Glue gun


Gather fresh flowers and leaves and press in a flower press or between blotter paper in the pages of a book. Place a couple of heavy books on top of the book with the flowers in it. After 2-4 weeks the flowers should be ready.

Prepare the frame: Remove the back board of the frame. Stretch the fabric over the front of the board. Fold the edges of the fabric to the back of the board and glue with a glue gun.

Prepare the flower squares: Cut out 12  4-1/4 inch squares of cardstock. Arrange the pressed flowers and leaves on the squares of card stock. Using white glue, carefully glue the flowers and leaves to the cardstock. Write the name of the flower on each square.

Finish: Place the flower squares on the fabric covered board and arrange so each square is evenly spaced. Glue each square to the fabric using a small amount of white glue or spray adhesive. Replace the frame onto the back board.

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