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Decoupage keepsake box

Why not make yourself something special? A keepsake decoupage wooden box is a perfect present, and gives you a unique place to store little mementos — such as treasured pictures, locks of hair, baby’s first pair of booties or any other item you hold dear to your heart.

Paper art
Decoupaging is the technique of applying cutout paper shapes to an object or wall. It is very simple and a lot of fun, especially now, due to the wide variety of papers you can choose from. You can use “scrapbooking” paper, special decoupage paper, or even a picture that appeals to you from a magazine. I like to use scrapbooking paper because it is inexpensive and there are more designs to choose from. Papers usually range from ten cents to one dollar whereas decoupage paper generally comes in sets and can cost six to seven dollars for one or two pieces of paper. Be sure to pick out paper that has definite shapes that you can cut around.

This project is very fast and can be completed in one weekend (includes drying time). All supplies can be found at your local crafting store. Supplies
Wooden box
Variety of acrylic craft paints
(Pick colors that correspond well with the papers you have chosen and pick out a paint color to use as your “background” shade.)
Scrapbooking paper(s)
Decoupage glue
Decoupage varnish
Small bowl of water
Damp washcloth

1. Paint your box the color you have chosen to be the background. Let paint dry thoroughly; approximately one hour.

2. While paint is drying, cut out the shapes you wish to decoupage and decide where you want to place them on the box.

3. Once paint is dry, squeeze a dime-sized amount of the decoupage glue where you wish you have the shape and smooth out glue with your fingers.

4. Take the shape and place in water (print side up) to wet.

5. Remove shape from water and place down on glue. Gently smooth out any bubbles or wrinkles with a damp washcloth. Wipe up any excess glue.

6. Once you have all your shapes decoupaged on the box, let dry overnight.

7. Finish by applying two light coats of decoupage varnish.

If you wish, you can paint additional decorative touches. Remember, this is meant to be fun. No one is going to judge you. Let your creativity run wild!

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