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Volunteer jobs for SAHMs

Did you trade in your business cards for a name tag that says “full-time mom?” If so, you’re not alone. Many women have decided to come home to their children after work and stay there. But, after a dozen or so years at home raising children, will they have the new job skills needed to re-enter the 9-to-5 arena? Yes, they can.

Volunteer MomCareer suicide? No!

I resigned from my career with the intention of raising my children full time until my services at home are no longer needed. When my youngest daughter ventures off on her own, leaving me standing with empty arms thinking “now what?” I will be ready and eager to re-enter the workforce outside of my home. I will have fulfilled my main purpose in life — guiding my little babies from infants into responsible and functional adults.It will be time for me to place my energy elsewhere and go back to the career I left behind many years ago. It is important to me to remain employable after an extended leave of absence from the business world. I can’t let my job skills slide into the status of obsolete.

Outdated job skills are obstacles

There is one obstacle in regards to re-joining the 9-to-5 team after an absence of a dozen or so years. That barrier is the lack of marketable and up-to-date job skills. It would be unlikely to be offered an administrative assistant position today if your latest professional task was learning how to operate a memory writer in the early 1980’s.Staying marketable in our competitive world is important to the mothers who envision a future paycheck with a familiar name printed on it. There is good news! You CAN further develop the skills that you already have and add new accomplishments to your list of abilities. The news gets even better: You can do this while keeping your children busy and in your presence. What an awesome deal!

Volunteer positions shine on resumes, too

There are volunteer positions available through various clubs, organizations and associations that are looking for dedicated parents. Through these jobs, skills such as bookkeeping, event planning and newsletter composition, to name a few, can be learned and carried out into the work force when the time is right. There is no written rule stating that a resume must list only paid positions.A neighborhood cooperative preschool may have a board that consists of volunteer members. Local PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) chapters have a lengthy list of positions available. A national mother’s organization can provide many options to enhance your employable skills.Listed below are some volunteer roles and what the job description may entail. Keep in mind that duties and positions will vary within all sectors.

President — Presides over business and board meetings. Welcomes new members. Actively participates in the planning and implementation of most events and projects. Brainstorming and troubleshooting skills a must.Vice President — Works closely with the president, assisting with her duties.Secretary — Compile, update and distribute meeting minutes, rosters, newsletters and calendars. Work with the latest in computer software.Treasurer — Basically an accounts receivable and accounts payable position in addition to preparing bank deposits, collecting dues and bookkeeping.Fundraising Coordinator — In charge of bake sales, rummage sales and raffles. Kindly solicit donations for raffles utilizing professional business correspondence techniques.Membership Coordinator — Public relations and warm welcoming committee. Quest to increase membership.

The above is just a brief synopsis of what is out there waiting for your abilities and expertise.


Many administrative/executive assistant positions require computer knowledge, organization and the ability to compose correspondence. A volunteer position as a secretary can assist you with getting your foot in the door of that rewarding career.Since many executives count on their assistants to make their own jobs easier, the troubleshooting and brainstorming skills learned while a club president adds to an attractive selling package in your favor. Think twice before turning down a presidential nomination because of the hard work involved.Sales departments often employ a sales assistant or coordinator, with a job description of assisting professionals who bring in business. Assistance is needed in the areas of clerical support and selling over the telephone. The duties of an organization’s membership coordinator and secretary combined are comparable to that of a sales coordinator.If your background includes duties similar to planning large PTA events such as spaghetti dinners, Halloween parties and annual carnivals, a catering department of a large hotel may have something waiting for you.Past duties as an non-compensated treasurer can help you land a job as an accounts receivable or accounts payable clerk. Keeping track of money coming in and money going out is a necessity for all businesses and the position is a secure one.

Give and receive

Not only can volunteering outside the home work for you, it works for your children as well. Is there a better way to show children that the most important gift of all is to give part of yourself? Dedication and team work is a far better gift than an empty materialistic facsimile.This article describes volunteer jobs that you can do in a child-friendly atmosphere. PTA positions entail being involved in your child’s school activities. Jobs through associations for mothers allow you to do your duties with your children in tow.If you desire, you can expand your skills even further by involving yourself in charitable organizations, which may not always include your children’s presence. Perhaps you can assist while your husband is home from work and able to tend to the children. A babysitting trade-out with a friend is another option.Step forward and donate a piece of yourself. Children love seeing their mother behind the counter of a carnival booth at school on a Wednesday afternoon. An association board meeting filled with mothers and their children mixes business with pleasure. Your home computer is capable of maintaining a club calendar one minute and visiting your child’s favorite kiddie web site the next. You can stay employable while raising your children, and you can start today.

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