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How to create a romantic bedroom

Candles. Satin. Lace. Incense. Fresh Flowers. Music. These are some of the elements of creating a romantic bedroom. It’s fun creating a romantic atmosphere in your bedroom — it can also help keep the romance in your life. Cecilia Villalon has some ideas on how you can organize, create and find your own personal romantic getaway.

Romantic Bedroom


Candles are wonderful. They create a warm, inviting & sensual ambiance to a bedroom. They also provide mystery. Lighting a candle is like turning on your inner self. As you light a candle, imagine loving thoughts about your husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend. Imagine a warm golden & fuzzy glow coming out of your candle and lighting up your room with these beautiful feelings.

This warm and fuzzy glow is what creates that romantic ambiance. Get a few taper or votive candles. When purchasing candles try getting the aromatherapy candles because they work even better. When choosing the colors of the candles, here are our suggestions:

1) Red candles. The red candles stand for sexual attraction, love, vigor, health, and it is also the color of life. These work like a charm. Take it from me, my honey responds in a very positive way each time I light my red candles.

2) Pink candles. The pink candles stand for attraction of affection, winning of love, honor, success, and conquering of evil. These are great for those cuddly moments.

3) White candles. White candles stand for purity, truth, realization of personal power, & spiritual strength. Light white candles along with red candles because they greatly enhance the evening’s romantic atmosphere.

Since candles represent the fire element, they will invoke passion and desire. Place these candles in appropriate places. Now take great care when lighting candles. Be safe…make sure they are not anywhere near where they can easily start a fire. Never leave the candle unattended!


Incense is another great addition to creating a romantic bedroom. These can be the most powerful aphrodisiac because of it’s sense of mysteriousness. Have you ever watched the hypnotic swirls of smoke as they escape into the air? It’s almost like a love drug. Get sweet smelling incense, like Rose or an actual aphrodisiac incense. They are extremely exotic. Place these incense sticks around your room. You don’t even have to light them. They have a strong smell and can just work like an air freshener. But when you do want to set the mood… light just one. Don’t forget the incense holder because they make a mess!

Satin and lace

Satin sheets never fail. They almost feel like a smooth second skin to yours. Satin sheets are extremely sexy. Get satin sheets and satin pillows. Pastel colors are also romantic. Or if you are extremely passionate, you can get red.

If you have plain curtains and you want to savvy it up a bit, try getting lacy curtains.

Flowers and music

Always keep a vase of fresh flowers around your room. They not only make your room look lovely, they also smell good.

There is a lot that can be said about music, but all we’ll say is that “romantic” music can get you into a sexy mood with your honey. When I think of music that can turn you on, that would be Let’s Get It On, by Marvin Gaye. Talk about seductive and sexy! You can never go wrong with this song.

Let these ideas help you create your perfect romantic getaway!

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