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Here Is the Official List of America’s Spookiest Cities

It’s the spookiest time of year, so we’ve been daydreaming (or is it daymaring?) about all of the most haunted places we could visit to get our Halloween jollies on. Well, luckily, FlixBus has done all the work for us, collecting information on which cities are the spookiest in the U.S.

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Their criteria? They looked at cities with the most haunted places (using data from Google, Google Maps, Yelp and TripAdvisor), the spookiest tours and the most Halloween parades. While some of the cities on the list make total sense — Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, where an estimated 8,000 people died in battle during the Civil War is on the list, as is the ever-spooky, witchy city of Salem, Massachusetts — others are a bit head-scratching.

For instance, Saint Augustine, Florida, is apparently the second-spookiest city in the U.S., with 70 haunted places, more than 49 spooky tours and seven Halloween parades each year. That haunted places-to-ghost tours ratio seems a little excessive, but hey, who are we to judge? Jersey City, New Jersey, also made the top 10, along with Cincinnati, Ohio, and Des Moines, Iowa.

You can see the full list of the 100 spookiest cities in the U.S. here.

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Use the list to plan your own spooky road trip, or you can travel to some of the most haunted West Coast locations using FlixBus’ overnight bus routes. Or for those who think coming face-to-face with literal demons is a bit too much, you can do what we’re planning — open up a bottle of wine, crank up the volume on “Monster Mash” and explore these haunted locations from a safe distance using Google Earth.

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