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Queen Elizabeth’s Key to a Good Night’s Sleep Is Surprisingly Affordable

Queen Elizabeth is a busy lady, and she’s getting on in years, so when she sleeps, she needs good sleep. As someone who regularly stays up into the wee hours of the morning on the internet before waking up early for work the next morning, I can totally relate. Well, kind of.

But her key to a good night’s sleep isn’t something fancy, like designer Ambien or handmade silk sheets. Instead, she relies on a total classic to lull her into dreamland: a hot water bottle.

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Hot water bottles have been used for more than a century, and you can get them online or at the drugstore for about $10. Basically, you fill one with hot water, put in the stopper and place it in your bed to keep things warm and cozy. The rubber material keeps the water hot, so you stay perfectly heated while you drift off to sleep.

Hot water bottle

Hot water bottle with cover, $9.99 at Amazon

According to historian Robert K. Massie in an article he penned for Vanity Fair, the queen apparently loves her hot water bottle so much that she takes it — along with her favorite feather pillow, her china tea set and her personal lavatory set — with her when she travels. 

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I always thought sleeping like a queen would entail building a four-poster bed and piling on exquisite feather mattresses by the dozen à la “The Princess and the Pea.” But it turns out all you have to do to sleep like royalty is throw a rubber bag full of hot water in your bed. Win!

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