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Here Are the Most Searched-for Halloween Costumes of 2018

Over 3.5 billion Google searches take place every day, and with Halloween right around the corner, everyone’s frantically searching for the best Halloween costume this year.

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According to data pulled from September 2018 Google searches, the top 48 most-searched-for Halloween costumes run the gamut — from timely pop-culture costumes to plenty of classics.

Arguably the most talked-about online video game made its way to the very top: The No. 1 costume was Fortnite. In fact, Fortnite was the No. 1 search in 42 out of 51 states (with Washington, D.C., listed as a state in Google’s findings).

Alaska, Arkansas, D.C., Idaho, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah and Vermont all clearly didn’t get the memo that Fortnite is all the rage.

Coming in at No. 2 overall is Spider-Man, and for obvious reasons. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse has been at the top of Marvel fans’ minds, especially as we inch closer to its release on Dec. 14.

Unicorn, dinosaur and witch — all evergreen costumes — came in at No. 3, No. 4 and No. 5, respectively.

The top-searches list had a handful of surprises too. For instance, Black Panther came in at No. 21, ranking below mouse and the generic term “superhero.”

Looks like the ’80s are as popular as ever as well. Chucky of the classic Child’s Play horror films from the late ’80s and ’90s made its way to No. 24, and simply “1980s” is on the list at No. 19.

Another surprise is the state of Vermont. The top five searches for the state are “monster,” “rabbit,” “Wednesday Addams,” “Belle” and “princess.”

Rabbit? Please explain, Vermont.

Wisconsin is admittedly getting in the über-creepy spirit with “doll” as its fifth-most-searched term. And, true to form, D.C. has “astronaut” as its fifth-most-searched term. Perhaps this has something to do with First Man‘s release today.

Let’s get back to the overall list, though.

Kids clearly still love Moana, the kickass female character from the 2016 Disney film of the same name. She ranked at No. 38.

Rounding out the list is Little Red Riding Hood (No. 46), It (No. 47) and Paw Patrol (No. 48).

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You can view the full list below.

Top most-searched-for Halloween costumes of 2018:

  1. Fortnite
  2. Spider-Man
  3. Unicorn
  4. Dinosaur
  5. Witch
  6. Harley Quinn
  7. Superhero
  8. Pirate
  9. Rabbit
  10. Princess
  11. Clown
  12. Wonder Woman
  13. Mouse
  14. The Incredibles
  15. Mermaid
  16. Zombie
  17. Doll
  18. Batman
  19. 1980s
  20. Bear
  21. Black Panther
  22. Vampire
  23. Pumpkin
  24. Chucky
  25. Cheerleader
  26. Shark
  27. Fairy
  28. Angel
  29. Belle
  30. Devil
  31. Skeleton
  32. Ghost
  33. Minnie Mouse
  34. Mario
  35. Power Rangers
  36. Lion
  37. Joker
  38. Moana
  39. Star Wars
  40. Deadpool
  41. Dragon
  42. Nun
  43. Pig
  44. Mickey Mouse
  45. Gray wolf
  46. Little Red Riding Hood
  47. It
  48. Paw Patrol

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