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10 Crazy Red Carpet Hacks Celebrities Use to Stay Picture-Perfect

We’ve always wanted to know exactly how celebrities remain absolutely stunning on red carpets, with their striking ensembles and seemingly perfect smiles. There are flashing lights and high-quality cameras and a wide array of possible angles, but celebrity stylists have all the secret tips that go into orchestrating a flawless red carpet look. Here are a few tips most of us would never have thought of to try at home — try them during your next photo op.

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Using white eye shadow to brighten teeth

This first hack is probably the most interesting considering it involves using makeup on your teeth — that’s right: makeup. on. your. teeth. Bruce Grayson, the head of makeup for the Academy Awards, told Bravo, “One trick that I have used on the red carpet is brushing on white cream eye shadow directly on teeth to brighten a smile. It whitens teeth, and it’s undetectable. It doesn’t stay on long, but long enough for that one important close-up red carpet photo!”  This trick seems to be a tad extra but completely understandable considering the importance of a red carpet.

Crazy Red Carpet Hacks Celebrities Use: Using White Eye Shadow to Brighten Teeth

Using toothpaste to clean scuffed shoes

Toothpaste is useful for more than just cleaning teeth. According to Marie Clarie’s senior fashion editor, Zanna Roberts Rassi, this household product is perfect for cleaning up scuffed shoes. Simply rub a sufficient amount of the paste, not gel, onto the scuff with a damp cloth and then wipe it off. The shoe should be completely clean and scuff-free. She demonstrated this quick tip on a pair of patent leather shoes on Good Morning America.

Crazy Red Carpet Hacks Celebrities Use: Using Toothpaste to Clean Scuffed Shoes

Using sweetener to clean stains

Another tip Rassi shared includes using artificial sweetener for a fresh stain. Place artificial sweetener immediately on the stain and let it absorb. Pat the clothing from the back so it pushes the stain out instead of in. By doing so, you won’t force the stain back into the clothing, and you are ready to go, stain-free.

Crazy Red Carpet Hacks Celebrities Use: Using Sweetener to Clean Stains

Using soap to loosen stubborn zippers

Rassi also shared that she uses a bar of soap to coat the teeth of a stubborn zipper if it ever gets stuck. This way, it can ease the traction and allow it to zip up smoothly.

Crazy Red Carpet Hacks Celebrities Use: Using Soap to Loosen Stubborn Zippers

Using tape to fake larger cleavage

Kim Kardashian West was probably the first star to expose this red carpet secret that, frankly, many celebrities also use to fake a larger amount of cleavage. The hack requires taping the bust up in a way that flatters the open neckline without showing any extra tape. Stylist Janice Meredith revealed that the tape is usually trimmed in order to conceal the construction underneath. Before you start taping away, be sure to have some baby oil on hand so you can remove the tape without harming your skin.

Using shapewear to avoid creases

Not only is tape a must-have for red carpet looks, but so is layered shapewear. The more nylon, the more support. Meredith mentioned how celebs will layer their shapewear, like Spanx, to create a smooth, crease-free look. Some fabrics are less forgiving than others, and layering shapewear can help prevent any unwanted bumps or bubbles. Boohoo is a great place to get affordable shapewear for only $12.

Crazy Red Carpet Hacks Celebrities Use: Using Eyeshadow to Fake a Fuller Hairline

Using eye shadow to fake a fuller hairline

Not everyone is born with a perfect hairline, not even celebrities. Celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan told Elle that she places eye shadow on the hairlines of stars such as Ashley Graham in order to create the illusion of a fuller hairline. The sparse areas are filled with an eye shadow color that matches the star’s actual hair color, creating a perfectly full hairline. This tip is super-useful for looks in which the hair is tied back or pulled up from the face.

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Using shea butter & talc powder for more comfortable heels

When it comes to red carpets, celebrities are usually wearing uncomfortable designer shoes. Jenke Ahmed Tailly, who has worked with stars such as Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian West, told Vogue that instead of wearing insoles to ease discomfort — because they can take away from the look and might not even work — he recommends massaging the feet with shea butter and then applying a translucent talc powder. The massage will help loosen up the muscles while the powder will improve comfort.

Crazy Red Carpet Hacks Celebrities Use: Using a Menthol Spray for Heels

Using a menthol spray for heels

Another way to ease discomfort would be to use a spray called Still Standing that Margot Robbie’s stylist, Kate Young, recommended. Still Standing is an eco-friendly, nonaerosol continuous spray that generates a mix of cooling menthol, natural anti-inflammatories and pain relievers. All you have to do is spray this product all over the feet and wait for it to dry. Please hold while we add a few cans to our shopping carts…

Using a Menthol Spray for Heels

Using plastic bags or Aquaphor to slip into tight shoes

This last hack is perfect for those of you trying to slip on those stubborn shoes. Aquaphor is a great lubricant for difficult shoes that need a little extra help slipping into. And celebrity stylist Toni Ferrara said plastic bags are perfect for getting boots to slip on with ease. “For premieres where we didn’t wear gowns and a client wore knee-high boots, we used plastic bags to get her foot to fit into the boot—enough to walk the carpet and be photographed,” she said.

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