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Live Your Game of Thrones Fantasies by Visiting Film Locations in Northern Ireland

HBO has announced that soon, fans of Game of Thrones will be able to live out their dreams of visiting iconic Westeros locations (without the threat of perishing in one of what seems like the million battles that occur in the show) thanks to a new tourist attraction that’s being set up in Northern Ireland.

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Called “Game of Thrones Legacy,” the trip will include visits to several filming locations in Northern Ireland, including the sets for Winterfell, Castle Black and King’s Landing. Guests will also get a tour of Linen Mill Studios, where they’ll be able to see costumes, props and more from the series.

At each of the filming locations, you’ll be able to tour the set itself. Each one will also showcase production materials from scenes shot there, including costumes, weapons, set decorations and behind-the-scenes things, like models and plans used to design the set in the first place. There will also be interactive exhibits where fans can explore the special effects used in the show.

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Apparently, the attraction is slated to open sometime in 2019, which is also when the last season of the show will air. Even once it’s stopped gracing our screens, at least there’ll be somewhere we can go to appreciate the series. And by “appreciate the series,” I mean “wear a velvet cape to the set and hope that some John Snow-looking tourist will come out of nowhere to steal my dang heart,” know what I mean?

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