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This Halloween, You Can Visit the House From Stranger Things

Have you ever wished you could transport yourself to the admittedly terrifying, definitely endearing world of Stranger Things? I mean, I wouldn’t be mad if Winona Ryder were my mom. Well, this Halloween season, you can get a taste of what it’s really like to be living life on the edge of the Upside Down thanks to Universal Studios.
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At the Los Angeles, Singapore and Orlando locations, the theme park is paying homage to the latest horror show craze by featuring a Stranger Things haunted house as part of their yearly Halloween Horror Nights.

The house will be set up as a maze and will feature scenes and details from season one of the Netflix show. You’ll start off in Mirkwood, where Will Byers first disappears, then travel through the Hawkins National Laboratory, from which both Eleven and the Demogorgon escape. You’ll go in and out of the Upside Down, see the Byers family home (complete with the alphabet on the wall and flickering lights) and, of course, be tracked by the Demogorgon at every turn.

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If Stranger Things isn’t your horror cup of tea, not to worry. There are mazes based on other iconic scary films and television shows, including The First Purge, Poltergeist, Halloween 4, and The Walking Dead.

Halloween Horror nights is open from Sept. 14 through Nov. 3. So, put on your best ’80s kid outfit, eat a hearty meal of Eggos and get ready to scream alongside the Stranger Things kids as you try to escape the nightmare that is Hawkins, Indiana.

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