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How to Transform the Energy of Your Home With Feng Shui

Ever feel so stuck in a rut that you feel like the only way to possibly dig your way out is to do something so drastic it’ll force you to crawl out of your comfort zone? Alternatively, have you ever had something so life-changing happen, you feel like your life will never be the same again?

Either event could leave you feeling overwhelmed, maybe even helpless. But what if we told you the answer to reinvention and getting a fresh start could be found right in your own home? 

We’re talking about feng shui.

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What is feng shui

Feng shui is the harmonization of your energy with your home’s energy — it aligns your environment (i.e., your home) with want you want. Basically, by allowing energy to flow freely through your home, you can manifest your desires.

“Feng Shui is acupuncture for your home,” says feng shui expert Patricia Lohan. “The practice of feng shui is about making that energy as positive as possible, making your home aligned for the highest good of you, your life, your business, your relationships, your opportunities and the home itself.”

Lohan says anyone who wants to have a life of ease, flow and abundance should consider feng shui. 

“I highly recommend feng shui to people feeling stuck in their lives or struggling in attracting what they want into their lives,” she says. “Typically, they feel like they are jinxed and repelling their dreams as opposed to attracting them.”

Want more money? Want better relationships with your family and friends? Want to find love? Feng shui could help you attain all of those things. According to Lohan, feng shui is an opportunity to create a space that matches your dreams and desires.

“When you fully embrace feng shui, you are creating a fertile environment for you to plant your dreams and intentions and see them grow,” she says. 

Pick an area of your home

Before you begin to feng shui your home, keep in mind that certain parts of your home affect certain aspects of your life, and in each of these spaces, you’ll want to focus on adding decor or splashes of a certain color to really amplify the energy in those areas. 

Here’s how it breaks down:

  • The south area of your home pertains to fame. Here, focus on the color red.
  • The southwest area of your home pertains to love and marriage. Here, add red, pink and white hues.
  • West affects creativity. Focus on black, blue and green.
  • Northwest affects luck. Use white, gray and black hues.
  • North affects one’s career. Stick with black.
  • Northeast impacts spiritual growth.
  • East affects your health. Use yellows, oranges and browns.
  • Southeast is the money area, and you’ll want blue, purple and red hues here.

Now that you know where you want to start, let’s dig into how to feng shui your home. 

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How to feng shui

One of the biggest misconceptions about feng shui is that it’s so much more than moving furniture, knocking down walls, painting walls and “hanging weird trinkets,” as Lohan puts it. 

Lohan says there are plenty of basic tips and steps you can take to improve your environment and uncover the hidden energies in your home that are repelling what you want in your life. 

“The first step is to clear your home of the physical things that are in your home that are depleting the energies,” Lohan starts. This list includes: “broken items, things that don’t spark joy, gifts from exes, anything that isn’t working 100 percent and is not aligned with where you are going in your life,” she says.

Lohan recommends using your home like a vision board for what you want in life moving forward — that it should not be a “shrine to the past.”

“Clearing physical items creates space to welcome your dreams — whether that’s a relationship, better health, more recognition, wealth or success,” Lohan says. “This also allows you to feel more flow and ease in all areas of life.”

Now let’s look at specific scenarios and aspects of your life you might want to improve or you might want more of — from more positive energy to more money.

Want a more vibrant home?

To bring more life and vibrancy to your home, consider adding indoor plants. And for harmonious, loving energy, add rose quartz crystals to your home. 

Want more money? 

“Repair all leaks and dripping faucets so that your money isn’t leaking away,” Lohan advises.

She also recommends always keeping the toilet seat down; this will also help keep you from losing money.

Want good, positive energy?

“Don’t have a mirror facing you when you walk into your home — this will repel all the good energy from entering your home,” she says.

Lohan also recommends taking a look at your front door: Is it inviting, welcoming and easy to access? If not, energy won’t be able to freely get into your home. 

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After a divorce, a job change or before having a baby

After a major life change, like a divorce or a job change, it’s important to clear negative energy from your home so you can easily transition into a fresh start.

“Patterns repeat themselves, especially in homes,” Lohan says. “We don’t want the negativity of divorce to be repeated or the energy held in the home. Feng shui would clear this and help make way for positive new relationships and eliminate the chances of it repeating.”

For starters, declutter your home and let go of anything associated with your ex. Start in the bedroom and the southwest area of the home.

“This is can be a very emotive process, and I would recommend being very gentle with yourself doing this — one thing at a time,” she says. “As you release items you are energetically releasing them from your personal energy field. 

“Letting go is never easy, but [is] necessary to be able to make way for new beginnings, new relationships and fresh starts,” she continues.

Lohan also recommends doing a space clearing in your home. To do this, light white sage or incense or use sound to shift any negative energies.

If you got fired or quit a job and are unsure what to do next, declutter the north area of your home. And if you are expecting a baby and want a harmonious environment for your child, feng shui the home before childbirth. 

“I would recommend having the home totally prepared before the baby came — especially if you want a baby to sleep well,” Lohan says.

Every little step helps

Regardless of your situation, feng shui can help create a happier environment. And who doesn’t want that?

“When you live in an unsupportive house, it’s like being in a cycle of one step forward, two steps back,” Lohan says. “The truth is no matter how hard you try, no matter how much self-improvement you do and no matter how great you are at manifesting, until you deal with your environment energetically, you’ll never have the kind of abundance — or success — that you dream about.”

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