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If You Want to Drop $89 on a Box, Decluttering Queen Marie Kondo Is Selling Them

Home-organizing guru Marie Kondo, who has written several books on the philosophy of tidying up your home and managed to get many of us to live a more minimalist lifestyle, is taking her passion for decluttering to a whole new level: She’s now selling tiny boxes to organize all your tiny items.

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Marie Kondo Hikidashi Box set

While the KonMari-branded boxes are definitely adorable (they’re so petite!), absolutely on-brand (you can choose from four different design schemes, each representing a different purpose!) and will totally help get your drawers and closets in order, it’s the price that has our jaws grazing the surface of the floor: They’re a whopping $89!

Marie Kondo Hikidashi Box set

Granted, the Hikidashi box set comes with six boxes (two large, two medium and two small boxes), and, yes, they likely achieve Kondo’s ongoing goal of sparking joy and happiness in your home, but damn! That’s steep. And organizing socks shouldn’t cost that much… right?

“I can definitely say these boxes are the number one thing I use when I tidy, especially when I tidy with consultants,” Kondo told Domino.

Well, if Kondo uses it, we must be missing out on something.

Also included in the nearly-$90 set is exclusive access to the KonMari tidying series online, which includes videos that take you through each step of the KonMari method. What will the videos teach me, you ask? Well, for one, you’ll walk away knowing exactly how to fold your socks and scarves.

Marie Kondo folding a scarf

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But we won’t knock her too much for this endeavor. She put a lot of time and energy into the line, ensuring the boxes were the right size, weight and thickness. Plus, they’re eco-friendly: They’re made with 100 percent recycled fiberboard and are Forest Stewardship Council-certified. And in each box, you’ll find a note from Kondo herself about the inspiration behind the box of your choice. It’s truly very sweet.

“It’s always been my goal for as many people as possible to finish tidying so they can live a life that sparks joy,” says Kondo. “And I asked myself, ‘What else can I offer, what else can I do?’ and the answer was these boxes. It was my goal to create the ultimate box that really benefits your tidying process and embodies the essence of the KonMari method.”

The Hikidashi box set is available for preorder on Kondo’s website, with shipping expected to launch mid-September. In the meantime, you’d better get to mastering the art of folding before your box set arrives, friends. Your socks deserve it.

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