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11 Outdoorsy Date Ideas That Will Get You & Your Partner Off the Couch

Here’s the truth: Whether you’re freshly dating or have been attached at the hip for years, it’s really difficult to come up with a fun date idea, which is probably why so many of us end up at the same restaurant on a busy weekend week after week or, if we’re being honest, streaming a TV series over a pint of ice cream. While we’re never going to tell you going to eat is a bad way to bond (food is delicious!), making our time with our partners too routine can make things feel a little stale.

That’s why we’ve come up with some fun idea for ways to not only spend more time with your date, but also in the great outdoors. Sunshine, nature and a new activity — what more could you ask for? Here are a few outdoorsy date ideas to give a shot.

1. Ride a bike

If you’re feeling adventurous, hit up a local mountain bike trail. Want to keep it more low-key? Just ride to dinner and back.

2. Try an outdoor rock-climbing class

Ask your local climbing gym if they offer outdoor classes or check out the nearest REI or outdoor recreation store in your town to see if they have any upcoming events for beginners.

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3. Climb a mountain

Or a hill if that’s all that’s nearby. Or even take the stairs at the tallest building that will let you on the roof. Make it better by bringing a fancy snack to the top. A peak picnic is the best picnic.

4. Go kayaking

A little arm and ab strength and a life vest is all you need. You can share the kayak or get your own separate kayaks and race. Or knock into each other a few times. They’re basically bumper cars.

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5. Drive through a national park

Obviously, if you want to get out and take a hike while you’re there, go for it. But driving through a national park with the windows down is still a pretty incredible way to spend a day.

6. Plant a garden

Have you been meaning to have your own veggie patch for a while? Make time with your S.O. to get it done. Then plan a date to pick your harvest.

7. Give paddleboarding a shot

Yes, you will probably fall in. But the failure is part of the fun! And it means you get to do another outdoor activity: Go for a swim.

8. Take surf lessons

If you live near a good surfing beach but have never given the sport a try, you might as well start. Again, you’ll both probably embarrass yourselves, but it’ll be an excellent story to bond over later.

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9. Take a walking tour

See if your town has a guided or do-it-yourself walking tour. Learn the history of your city like you’ve never done before and maybe find a new place to grab dinner.

10. Visit the zoo or a nearby animal sanctuary

See animals from all over the world or even just your own backyard, plus spend some time in the sunshine.

11. Hit a bull’s-eye in archery

Ever tried shooting a bow and arrow? Look for a local archery range and see if they have beginner lessons.

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