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How Often Should You Be Washing These 13 Items?

You may let your laundry linger in the hamper on occasion but, hey, you get around to it eventually. We all do, right? But as accomplished as one feels after laundry day, washing clothes isn’t exactly a one-size-fits-all science. Are you washing your towels enough? Are you washing your bras too much? Certain items simply don’t fall in line with a “toss it all in every time” approach. 

For starters, over-laundering can dramatically shorten the lifespan of certain items. When those items are pricy, like upscale lingerie or Egyptian cotton sheet sets, routine replacements can get costly. On the other hand, not washing enough can lead to pretty undesirable outcomes too — namely bacteria growth. 

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As if you needed anything else to keep track of, most things have different cleaning schedules. But to help you keep it all straight, we chatted with experts from the American Cleaning Institute and Merry Maids to compile a handy infographic with the 411 on items that often lead to laundry queries. 

cleaning infographic

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