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This Taxi in Finland Only Accepts Singing as Payment, & We Couldn’t Love It More

We don’t know about you guys, but every time we watch James Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke,” we think to ourselves, “Man, wouldn’t it be great if all car rides were like this? Free and full of nonstop singing?” Well, in Finland, that’s become reality. (Except for the part where you get your sing on alongside pop stars and A-list celebs…)

A new electric taxi combines ride-shares with karaoke — in that it only accepts singing as payment. It’s appropriately named too — Fortum Singalong Shuttle — and it’s the world’s first taxi paid by singing.

“With Singalong Shuttle, we want to show people in a joyful way how comfortable and easy it is to drive an electric car,” says Fortum brand manager Jussi Mälkiä said in a press release. “The silent electric cars make it possible to enjoy singing without background noise and emissions.”

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Singalong Shuttle, which runs on BMW i3 electric cars, offers emission-free rides and will make its first appearance July 6 through 8 at Ruisrock music festival in Turku, Finland. You don’t even need to reserve a ride unlike most ride-sharing services. Just show up (more specifically, show up at the Aurajoki riverbank from noon to 5 p.m. on the aforementioned dates), pick your song, go and get to singing.

Each Singalong Shuttle has a sound level meter that tracks the “noise and fun level,” and passengers use a tablet to choose the songs they want to sing. Don’t remember all the lyrics? Don’t worry; the tablet displays those for every song too. 

Fortum’s mission is simple: The company encourages customers to live a more sustainable (and clearly more expressive) life. Not only does it already offer a wide range of clean-energy solutions, but they also have the largest electric vehicle-charging network in the Nordics, with over 2,000 chargers. Impressive.

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All that said, warm up your vocal chords, friends; and see y’all in Finland.

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