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Chip & Joanna Gaines Were Just Fined $40K by the EPA

When we see the Gaineses in the news, they’re usually getting tons of praise — whether it’s a review of their new restaurant, Magnolia, Joanna Gaines’ new home decor line at Target or people are just oohing and aahing over a recent episode of Fixer Upper. But today, they’re making headlines because they have been hit with a whopping $40,000 fine from the Environmental Protection Agency.

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What did they do to earn such a hefty fine? Well, the EPA reviewed several seasons of their hit show, Fixer Upper, and found that the Gaineses violated strict rules while removing lead paint from the homes they were remodeling. The EPA didn’t just find one instance of improper lead paint removal. In fact, 33 homes renovated on the show “did not depict the lead-safe work practices normally required,” according to a statement on EPA’s website Tuesday. Yikes.

The EPA explained that the Gaineses did not take proper precautions like covering floors and vents when removing lead paint. This is especially important in homes that were built prior to 1978, and many of the homes the couple remodeled fall into that category.

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Chip and Joanna Gaines’ company, Magnolia Homes, has agreed to pay the $40,000 civil fine. They also made sure to demonstrate how to properly remove lead paint in an episode that aired in March.

The couple actually wanted to go a step further and take full responsibility for their mistakes. According to People, the Gaineses have offered to spend $160,000 on a lead paint abatement program for homes and child-occupied facilities in their hometown of Waco, Texas. You’ve gotta admit. That’s a pretty awesome gesture.

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