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We Have 7 Theories About Britney Spears’ Tiny-Furniture Obsession

Today was shaping up to be just a typical, mediocre Wednesday until I stumbled upon this article about my ’90s superhero, Britney Spears.

You see, as BuzzFeed points out, Britney Spears seems to own a suspiciously large collection of teeny-tiny furniture.

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Staying focused👙🦋🌺🎀

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Don’t see it? Look closely at the left-hand side of the picture just behind the door. There appears to be a very tiny yet rather extravagant daybed sitting on the floor of Spears’ gym. Suspicious? Yes, but there’s more.

Take a look at this picture.

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This one is a little easier to spot. In addition to her teeny-tiny daybed, Spears also owns a teeny-tiny recliner.

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Spears’ tiny-furniture obsession doesn’t stop there. In this video, we see Spears has another piece of tiny furniture in her gym.

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Gearing up for summer!!! ⭐️🎀⭐️

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OK, it’s officially weird.

At first, I thought, “Oh, they’re probably for her dogs,” but look at how small that furniture is! There’s no way any dog could comfortably fit on any of that furniture. I also highly doubt that Spears’ two sons, Jayden and Sean, are using the furniture as play toys. This furniture looks way too high-end and fancy to be someone’s toy. So, that brings us to what Spears is actually using all this teeny-tiny furniture for. Here are some of our theories.

  1. She is the mother of a lot of spoiled pet ferrets.
  2. The furniture is a very fancy place to set her Starbucks drink down while she works out.
  3. She has a secret doll collection.
  4. Her house is haunted by ghost Barbies.
  5. Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera are slowly attempting to drive her insane by leaving small furniture inside her home while she sleeps, and what began as a twisted prank in 2002 has now backfired and morphed into an obsession for Spears that has left Timberlake and Aguilera very perplexed.
  6. She is a firm believer in leprechauns.
  7. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids is her favorite movie, and she loves it so much that she tries to reenact it when she’s home alone.

What do you think? Are we onto something? Let us know your own theory in the comments below.

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