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3 Rules for Finding Your Perfect Signature Accessory

Jackie O wore oversize sunnies, Iris Apfel is the queen of jewelry stacking, and Audrey Hepburn donned one of the most iconic fashion items in history — the little black dress. These fashion icons all have one thing in common: a signature accessory in their wardrobe. It can be as simple as a piece of jewelry, a handbag or even a couple of items at once, but finding your signature accessory can seriously help shape your wardrobe and personal style.

Personally, I over-accessorize with jewelry. I have rings on practically each finger, and I’m constantly adding new and vintage pieces to my collection. They’re the last thing I always make sure I have on before leaving the house, and they complete each look. I also never say no to a good faux-leather jacket. I have over 20 in various colors, prints and styles, and for me, they’ve naturally become a wardrobe staple (and statement). Ahead, we have three steps to help you figure out what your signature accessory is.

Finding Your Perfect Signature Accessory: What’s Your Unique Factor
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What’s your unique factor?

Do you find that you always get complimented about your shoes by coworkers or random people on the street? Is your handbag collection the first thing your friends want to borrow, or are your most prized items in your closet your jewelry? Whatever this “unique factor” is, that could easily become your statement accessory.

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Finding Your Perfect Signature Accessory: What Do You Find Yourself Naturally Gravitating To
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What do you find yourself naturally gravitating toward?

This one is pretty easy — what do you instantly gravitate toward while getting ready? Do you feel like your outfit is practically incomplete without this item, or do you find yourself building an entire look around it? It could be your statement shoes, your must-have bracelet stack or even a wide-brim hat.

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Finding Your Perfect Signature Accessory: What Can You Incorporate in Your Regular Wardrobe
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What can you incorporate into your regular wardrobe?

Your statement accessory doesn’t have to be the same exact item each time — you can build off this accessory. You can wear shoes, a handbag, jewelry or even a scarf pretty much every single day, so any of these are great items to incorporate into each look as your statement accessory.

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