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Your Hotel Minibar May Now Include CBD-Infused Gumdrops

The legalization of pot on a state level is great for a lot of reasons, like preventing small-time drug arrests (and potentially reversing convictions in places like California), giving people who are sick access to medicine they need and having a good time and knowing with confidence that your stash isn’t laced. And now, there’s another awesome development: Some hotels are starting to stock their minibars with CBD-infused products.

Standard Hotels, which has boutique hotels in California, New York and Florida, has created a partnership with LA-based cannabis company Lord Jones. As of April 10, the hotel will be carrying CBD-infused gumdrops and body lotion in each of their rooms.

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Admittedly, CBD is better known for its pain relief benefits than it is for getting high. Lord Jones says their pure CBD edibles are derived from hemp and promote a “calm sense of well-being” but have no psychoactive effects, which comes from products that include THC.

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Even still, CBD is still regulated in many states, and only states that have legalized marijuana carry products that include THC. We’re sorry to say you probably won’t soon see special brownies on your hotel pillow in the near future.

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It’s unclear how long the boon to marijuana business will last. U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently reversed an Obama-era directive that instructed federal prosecutors not to go after dispensaries in states where marijuana was legalized, leaving many businesses open to uncertainty.

In the meantime, book your rooms in a 420-friendly establishment, and enjoy the feel-good vibes while you can.

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