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9 Home Decor Trends That Need to Go Away & What to Replace Them With


SheKnows Editorial

We love following new home decor trends, but there are some that just won’t die. That’s why we hunted all over to find new styles you can incorporate into your home, gracefully ushering out the fads that don’t have a place there any more. Of course, staying true to your personal style is always best. But if you’re looking for a change, check out these decor ideas for inspiration before you decide to spruce up your home.

1. Bye: Tropical prints

Image: Amazon

We like dreaming of swaying palm trees as much as anyone, but there’s no need to have big, tropical leaf print in every room of your home.

Hi: Bold botanicals

This bold hydrangea bed set is from Hygge and West
Image: Hygge and West

Instead, try incorporating some bold florals into your decor. They pack a big design punch while still bringing a natural element into your space.

Hydrangea bedding, $205 at Hygge and West

2. Bye: Word art

Image: Amazon

Word art is an easy way to let the world know what things you like, but it’s not exactly subtle.

Hi: Actual art

Display your love for all things caffeinated with this art
Image: prettyblossomprints/Etsy

Flaunt your personal style by choosing an art print that expresses the same idea that your word art did — these cute coffee-related painting are a lot more charming.

Coffee wall art set, $7 at prettyblossomprints/Etsy

3. Bye: Chevron

This chevron shower curtain from Target is over
Image: Target

Chevron adds a lot of impact to a room, but it’s so busy. And because it’s such a distinctive design, it can become overwhelming if you use it in more than one area of your home.

Hi: Texture

Add this embroidered lamp shade to your room
Image: Anthropologie

Bring the same sort of impact to your room by opting for items with texture, like embroidery or beading. They’re less busy, but still can jazz up a room with little effort on your part.

Moroccan cross lampshade, $78 at Anthropologie

4. Bye: Metal signs

Image: Getty Images

These rustic metal signs honestly look like something from an old mechanic’s garage. There are more chic ways to add a bit of metal to your room.

Hi: Mirrors

A geometric mirror adds some art deco class to your home
Image: Anthropologie

This geometric mirror still has that shiny metallic look, but it will also open up your room thanks to its reflective powers.

Alexia mirror, $368 at Anthropologie

5. Bye: Woven wall hangings

Woven wall hangings are neat, but they can be overdone
Image: Target

Chunky woven wall hangings are proliferating at an alarming rate — add too many to your home, and it looks like you’re living in an area rug sample showroom.

Hi: Hanging baskets

These hanging baskets add texture to your home
Image: Anthropologie

If you love the woven look, hanging baskets offer a more streamlined way to show off intricate designs.

Antigua hanging baskets, $98 at Anthropologie

6. Bye: Millennial pink

Say bye bye to millennial pink furniture like this sofa
Image: Wayfair

Millennial pink started a sort of hysteria in the design industry, and it’s taken over as the pastel color du jour. But there’s more to life than just pink.

Hi: Lilac

Lilac is the new millennial pink
Image: Wayfair

Cool, purple-gray lilac, lavender and amethyst tones are a more subtle way to soften the look of your room.

Swiger convertible sleeper sofa, $397 at Wayfair

7. Bye: Pom-poms

Pom Poms look a little juvenile
Image: PB Teen

Pom-poms have been everywhere — on pillows, curtains and bedspreads — but it’s time to give a new embellishment a try.

Hi: Tassels

Tassels add lots of movement and texture to your room
Image: Urban Outfitters

Tassels add texture and movement to your favorite linens, but have a slightly more elegant, chic look.

Magical Thinking net tassel sham set, $49 at Urban Outfitters

8. Bye: All-white kitchens

Image: Getty Images

Stark white kitchens are nice but utilitarian and, dare we say, a little boring?

Hi: Bold kitchen colors

Green tiles add a pop of color to your backsplash
Image: The Jungalow

Express yourself in the kitchen by putting in a bold backsplash or painting your cabinets a fun color.

9. Bye: Agate

Agate is a little too overdone
Image: Anthropologie

Agate has a super-distinctive look, which means it likely won’t age well design-wise.

Hi: Marble

Marble and wood together make a natural statement
Image: Anthropologie

To bring a natural look to your decor, try looking for marble and wood items — or those that combine both.

Frosted timber knob, $10 at Anthropologie

Make these swaps, and breathe new life into every room of your home.

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